** Best YoYo? [Need help] **

Hi, I’ve been out of the YoYo game for over 10 years but I am wondering what everyone’s opinions are on the best yoyo. I know “the best” is a relative term but you know what I mean. I am looking for something that is smooth, and will sleep for a very long time. Show me links and tell me the average sleep time.

Thank you very much!! : ]

PS - I’ve thought about the “Rockstar 2012” and “The Genesis” but I want your views and don’t know how long these sleep.

I think you can find a decent number of videos on Youtube with sleep times os each of those. However, choosing just with sleep time in mind is not a good idea. A yo-yo can sleep for ages but maybe it’s not the ideal for the string tricks you want.

Never tried any of those but Genesis seems to be the one with most positive reviews.

Hey, yeah, I know sleep time isn’t everything but I just don’t want something that sleeps for 20 seconds haha. That’s all. I saw someone say the YoYoJam-Dark-Magic-II is a good buy for around $40 bucks and can sleep around 2 minutes. Thanks.

For the most part, if a yoyo has come out within the past couple of years, it will sleep longer than you need it to.

Genesis with a gold bearing is amazing combination

if sleep time is what you want get the super g but if you want to start with a more budget yoyo that plays amazing get a t5,t6,t8,n12,most magics other than n5,n6 unless you want wide throws

No offense, but the gold bearing does nothing to improve play.

Anyways, if you want the best, drop 5k on an S.kon Nostalgia.

There’s no such thing as the best.
And sleep time is dependent on how straight and hard your throw is.

I would go with the Dark Magic II(The toxic frog edition looks awesome).

there is point when rent cost less then yoyos, my God!

All gold bearings do is make it a pain in the butt to clean the bearing. For a bearing-yoyo combo, id say buy a onedropyoyodesigns CODE 2. It comes with a onedrop 10 ball, which acually does make a difference in play. Its considerably smoother than normal bearings. Itll cost you $100 +shipping.

Do you know how to bind? If so try magic yoyos Shinwoo Zen series Dv888 and DM2 are always good starting unresponsive or if your look to spend more money go with the Code 2 I’ve never played one but I hear they are great

it looked confusing for a new comer

Genesis is amazing, definitely an incredible all-around throw. I’d recommend it if you’re just getting back into the game. My personal favorite is the CLYW Chief though, best yoyo I’ve ever thrown in every aspect. Good luck with whatever you decide!

As you correctly guessed, there is no “best”.

Share your budget, let people suggest their “favourites” at that price point, and then pick the one you like the looks of. :wink:

I’ll start, not knowing your budget:

~$30: Yoyojam Trigger
~$50: Dark Magic II
~$65: C3 Capless
~$100: One Drop… almost anything… Code 2!
~$130: Deadly Spins Wrath, SPYY El Ranchero
~$150+: CLYW Chief or Avalanche

Now, these are just some of my favourites based on what I’ve played. I’ve never even played a CLYW Arctic Circle, so I couldn’t recommend it. I’ve never played a Dv888, so I couldn’t compare it to the Dark Magic II.

Nobody here as played “everything”. Except maybe Studio 42 and Totalartist! (jk)

So take it for what it’s worth. In my opinion you couldn’t go wrong with the throws I listed there. Other people will have other opinions. Share your budget to narrow it down, get some suggestions, have a look at the descriptions, sizes and shapes in the online store, and buy almost anything anyone has recommended and you’ll be fine. :wink:

I have bin liking my general yo torrent 2 lately as my best throw.

Hey thanks, that was informative. I realize there’s no best and it’s what’s “best for me”. I get that. My price point is probably $200 or less. But when I yoyo’d many years ago mine auto-returned, slept for a good 30-40 seconds though.

$200 or less will get you almost any premium aluminum yoyo you can think of. YoyoJoker and YoyoRecreation are considered kind of the top dogs, though I’ve never thrown any.

But those two aside, there are just so many to choose from. So if you wanted to narrow it down, you’re pooched. :wink: The simple thing for me to say is: “Learn bind return and get a CLYW Chief, not necessarily in that order.” (it’s overkill to learn to bind on a Chief, but who cares? If you think you’re going to stick to it and you have the budget, why bother with budget plastics? My opinion, of course.)

There ARE people who do not prefer the Chief. But I think it’s pretty much a no-brainer of a premium 1A yoyo to get.

Thank you again. : ]

CLYW is always nice. Magic yos are great for the price same with the trigger. look around if you find something over $30(or sometimes even less) chances are it is a nice yoyo.