Introducing the Buddha King 2 from YYF!

Cross another off the list, Introducing the Buddha King 2, an experimental design from YoYofactory.


That looks AWESOME!


And they say you can’t buy happiness…

Looks cool!!!

But if you’re going to copy and paste the print that is on the YoYoFactory Countdown Blog, then give them credit.

There’s a link to the blog. I think that’s enough credit.

The yoyo revolution has begun!!

I dont know if I like this one… I wish I could see some pics of the gap…

Should be in a quote box. I took care of it

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It’s not meant for actual yo-yoing. It’s only meant to get long spin times with the hubstacks. I don’t get WHY it’s not good for actual yo-yoing, all I know is that it’s not. Does anybody know?

i hope its out neer my bday ;D i thinl it would play ok

You are really putting lots of effort into this dryoyo. I cannot thank you enough.

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It actually plays pretty good. Its EXTREMELY rim weighted and the sleep times are off the hook. It also is a great departure from ‘everything has to be super-wide’. A lot of people will really be happy with its performance :slight_smile:

sweet ;D but how thin is it?

Thin like Buddha king(first run) or Flying V.

Happy Throwing! =]

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ok thanks

That yoyo looks really um…contemporary.

It looks so intense! Want one so bad!

Based solely on that one pic… it looks beautifully uncomfortable.

But since I thrive on being awkward, I REALLY want to get my hands on one!