Sick New Yo-Yo from 2SickYoYos

A new King is in the house and ready to rule the scene!

2SickYoYos is a new American yo-yo company started by Joey Serrano. Joey has been yo-yoing for a long time and when he decided to pursue his dream and start a yo-yo company he brought his idea to the amazing members of the YoYoExpert Forums for advice. With their support and advice he was able to successfully release his first model (The Gambit) and now we are proud to carry the amazing new second release – This is the 2SickYoYos King!

king1 king2 king3 king4 king6 king5

The American-made King is designed to be the ultimate competition level yo-yo that is still fun to throw when you’re just hanging around. The curved v-shape accomplishes this feeling perfectly; it feels fast and floaty at the same time, capable of handling any tech freestyle or laid back combo you can come up with. And have you seen those rims? 2SickYoYos gave the King a massive amount of rim weight to make it extra stable and extremely long spinning! The King is finished off with a nice smooth grind finish and an inner “2Sick Spin ring” to give your finger spins that extra edge and take on any freestyle you can throw at it

king7 king11 king9 king13

The new 2SickYoYos King is one of the best yo-yos we have seen from a new company in a long time.
Hail to the King!

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2Sickyoyos KING dropping now at 9PM EST!

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