The Buddha King Two


It’s out!

(Eleazar) #2

This yoyo /hockey puck ;D is awesome. its probably good for 5a.


the only thing its good for is to watch it spin for 20 min, its just a novelty


That’s not true it’d make a good hockey puck.

(Raphael) #5

Cool, But when i click on it on the front page it takes me to the h20 page, Probably just a glitch though


same happened to me


or if you put in thick lube and got it to loop, a rather deadly weapon


Or a really reliable paper weight.



(Jesse) #10

No it’s not…


I have yet to have a problem with it. Click on shop and on the left there is a Newest Itmes part with the Buddha King 2 underneath it.


the buddha king 2 is stackable which not only means fun hubstacks trick but i think it would be fun having top tips (weird spin top hub stacks) on it. ( 15minute yoyo spin top tricks ftw)


Actually it is. You need to delete your browser ‘cache’ as I mentioned in that last private message. :wink:
Flash is stored on your computer and pulled up for a period of time before it ‘refreshes’ unlike the rest of the page.