Magic yoyo K series.

Ok so I’ve been chewed out for liking magic yoyo from other people, but oh well. I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the k series out and if they would like to share their thoughts! They look sick and I kinda want one. XD

buy what you like, play what you like. don’t worry about the others.


The hubstacks are actually legal to buy in the US now so you can actually get the K9 from a certain American store that I will get in trouble for mentioning lol, PM me if you want the link. I’m gonna pick one up soon

Thanks! That’s what I beilive too! I would love to buy some of these really nice brand name yoyos, but I’m into yo-yoing for the collecting and fun of it, and I can’t always pay top dollar to do that. :slight_smile:

You can always find GREAT used yoyos on the bst for awesome prices. I’ve picked up amazing collectors pieces from diligent hunting. Being a plastics collector, my budget isn’t huge, but I’ve found some legendary stuff. being a dilligent hunter can carry you a long ways.

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I don’t get luck on the bst. Either don’t hear back, or people want WAY too much for the stuff I want. XP Plus I get payed in cash and I don’t really want a pay pal, so only being able to pay for cash, at such a low rating right now (And some people I traded with haven’t give feedback yet…) Kind hurts me too. XP

The K9 should be good. It’s heavily based on the D8, which I feel is one of MagicYoyo’s best releases yet.


So we should steer away from MagicYoyo because you had a bad experience?

I actually dispute some of the claims you make about the K9. I have a D8. They share the same hubstack system and shape. It spins for quite a while and is very stable. Plus the hubstacks do more than just work properly.

Do you really want a video?

Sorry, but NeoHamster is right on about the K9 hubstacks, they are terrible. Maybe they were better on the D8. The best model out of the K series I’ve tried so far is the K3.

I have a K9. My hubstacks are amazingly smooth and they spin very well. I’d say that you and Neohamster got a yoyo from a bad batch. Looks like GoCrazy got a nice D8 and my K9 came from a good batch.

It really seems like a quality control issue. That’s quite common with these type of manufacturers.

Possibly, but I’ve tried 2 in different colorways from different distributors and both have the same problem. I’m not trying to hate on MagicYoYo, I’m a hubstack aficionado and love that they licensed the tech and keep pushing forward with new designs. I do wish they’d change the bearing to a standard A though. Like I said, the K3 plays awesome I just don’t think the K9 is executed well.

Just checking, did you mean to say A. A isn’t exactly the norm.

Also, I’ve tried someone else’s K9, and the stacks are really stiff, so I don’t think it’s just a fluke thing on a few yoyos. I’ll bet if you used them enough, they would loosen up.

@GoCrazyForYoyo you are defending one yoyo with an experience of another similar, you are defending something you havent really tried, get the k9 and show me a video, then we can talk. I challenge any person that have tried those and say they are even close to the N or T series. The N and T series plays like $50+ throws, the K series simply at most are just on par of the $20-25 they cost, and im doing them a huge favor on saying that.

Im far from being a Magic yoyo hater, actually I love them (now not all of them now), I always said that the Shark plays better than the shutter for 1/3 of the price, I love the Overlord and the Floating, I think my opinion is pretty neutral. and im not fan of hubstacks, if the yoyo is good, I don’t care much about hubstacks, but the k9 and k8 are just plain bad, even with good bearings they dont spin long enough and the stability, specially the K9 is sup-par and is hard to find a yoyo with more vivbe than the K8.

The k9 is even close to the N and T series. I have an N5 (not sure if that is really representative of the N series), and I have tried a k9. I don’t find much difference performancewise. I’m not particularly impressed by either of them, but then again the WM2 doesn’t particularly impress me either.

I never called you a hater. No reason for you to get all hopped up and type angry.

It’s odd that you say I’m defending something I haven’t tried. When I first received my D8 from a contest I had won, I noticed a couple things. The D8 had the same shape as the K9. The hubstacks are the same. They even share the same specs. This got me wondering whether it was just a rename.

Through email correspondence with MagicYoyo, I learned that the K9 is in fact a D8. It was simply renamed. I think you just got yoyos from a bad batch, like someone else said it could just be a quality control issue. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with these yoyo’s, but quality control issues with these Chinese manufacturers isn’t unheard of.

Do you want a screenshot of my emails?

Do you still want a video?

And yeah I’d say this yoyo is just as good as my N12.

I thought the n12 shark was like the shutter too, and the floater is amazing. I’m playing on getting the k3, and I was actually going to get the k9, but it cost ten dollars more, and my amazon order would be a little too much for that. XD But I do want to buy it now just to see how bad it is.

I haven’t heard much about the n5, really, to get a feel for the n series you gotta trey the n9 and at the bare minimum the n12. It’s one of my favorite go to yoyos in my entire collection.

Sorry I meant on the hubstacks, YYF, Duncan and the One Drop RSMs all use A bearings whereas MYY use a thinner bearing (the same one YYJ used to use before switching to C).

“No reason for you to get all hopped up and type angry” Holly mental fabrications Batman! no, Im not angry at all, don’t project yourself on me, Im pretty ok and happy :slight_smile:

That being said, I believe you that the yoyo you have is the same as K9 with different name, I gladly take your offer and I will retract my words if you show me a video performing long combos with that yoyo (my main compolain is that the K9 doesnt spin long).

Thank you in advance and eager to see that yoyo performing as good as N12 (or at least close)