Magic yoyo K series.

Your words didn’t come off as happy, but it’s cool. It’s pretty much impossible to project yourself onto someone else. Especially via a yoyo forum app. But I’m glad you’re really just a happy-go-lucky dude that calls others angry.

With that said, expect a video Monday. I’ll post it in this thread and in your review before 2pm EST.

I’m off the forums until then. (Gotta get that paper)

Oh, I see. Thank you for clarifying. I suppose the main reason you would want a standard A bearing is for replaceability. Other than that I don’t think it would make much of a difference.

Well for one thing it makes deshielding and cleaning the stack bearings a lot easier - the super-thin MYY bearings are very hard to deshield. The A bearings also just seem smoother, maybe it’s the physical size of the ball bearings inside the bearing race that makes the difference.

Yeah the MYY hubstack bearings aren’t the best! I was playing with a K1 recently and one of the hubstack bearings just blew apart completely - I had a look at the balls inside the bearing - they were extremely small (I mean tiny!).

I literally traded my N12 with a D8, I prefer D8.

Video?? I totally believe you I just haven’t seen this thing perform!! haha


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Really great job!

Nice job on the video man! Props! And i’m super pumped because I just ordered the k3. XD I’m excited to see how it plays! Not to mention the new case that’s coming with it too!

looks sick but i didnt see any use of the hubstacks?? do they work well??

Cool vid, but I was also expecting to see some hubstack use.  My main complaint about the K9 is the hubstacks, the yo-yo itself is quite serviceable although not my preferred shape.

It says in the description he was using the D8.

Yeah which was confirmed by MYY to be identical to the K9. So, are the stacks good or not?

At least in my case it’s working flawlessly, only one thing I don’t like is because my nails are rather different than most people, even after I cut it as short as I could the nails were still touching the stack making it nearly impossible to “pull start” by holding the stacks, but I believe most people won’t have any problem. Doing laceration then hold the stacks work though (holding with nails).
I actually wanna remove the stacks without breaking it, no idea how.

Small suction cup works best

I’ll make a short unedited video of hubstack use.

NeoHamster said he wanted to see just combos.

Ok cool!! thanks!

Already tried that, doesn’t work.
Maybe I just have to drill it…

It does work, you just have to get it dead centered on the stack and not touching any metal. I’ve done it on 2 K9’s because I needed to see why the bearings were so shockingly bad.

Are you talking about hubstacks? if so I just take some of the yoyo string and I just loop it around in the bottom of the hubstacks and pop them off. If not, ignore this. XD