next one or two yoyos

Hey guys, I need help deciding which next two or one yoyos to get, I’m still getting through the advance section trying to to get rewind down “darn you finger placement.” I have 150 that I can spend guilt free since I sold my dsi. So my choices are crucial half and half or thres leches because I want atleast one drelin yoyo in my collection and either yyf protege or hectic. Current yoyo I’m using is the slim pad dv888 that they had on special. You can recommend any other yoyo you think is great to play with and for collection. The reason I chose thoes three is because it allows me to play with different shape and material yoyos, and because there in stock. Im looking for either drelin or all metal yoyos no bi metals because I already have a few of thoes, shape, and weight i dont mind any is fine but I want to try a full sized metal yoyo So go ahead and type away if your willing and ready. Oh also I dont want to go through the b/s/t yet so recomend anything that they have in stock.
Thank you.

I would get a yuuksta$65 a half and half75$ and then get a legacy or a lot of string

depending on the cash you have to spend i would say get a legacy, a kickside, a yyf primo, or anything you like the looks of, and if you don’t like it you can alway throw it on the B/S/T and find something else you want to try.

Seeing you have $150 i’d suggest a Gnarwhal or a Wooly Marmot

you guys are advising expensive metals to a player who doesn’t need the luxury ::slight_smile:

stick with what you have, when you start making combos, THEN get a new yoyo.