New M.Y. line with interesting and pretty designs

At this point nobody can deny Magic Yoyo makes a good quality throws with an extremely cheap price. I dare to say that is the company that provides the highest quality yoyos per dollar spent.
Now seems like they want to go further and launch pretty modern and innovative designs. I just see pics from the new Magic Yoyo K line (K1, K3, K5, K8, K9), the top ones draw my attention (K8 and K9) because the design seems pretty interesting and are already in the market with prices around 20 dollars (give or take 5). I ordered both and will see if they play as nice as they look, specially the K9 with that extreme H shape that in theory can spin like mad because of weight distribution, but I´m cautious about stability, also, i´m not precisely fan of hubstacks, Ill find out in a couple of weeks when they arrive (the downside of buying from China is that it takes forever, up to 2 weeks even to Japan that is so close, I wonder why Yoyoexpert don´t sell them).

Weight:69.9 g
Diameter:59.5 mm
Width:44.7 mm

Weight:68.4 g
Diameter:55.9 mm
Width:42.4 mm

The topic is discussed here:



op did u just say u buy yoyoexpert from japan


but muh
Shipping alone will easily reach $40 from yoyoexpert.

Nope, you are just making assumptions, I already bought from yye ( 2 loop 1080 buy 1 take 2, and that alone made me save money rather than buying 2 in Japan) and the shipment was less than 10 dollars ( shipments are quite cheap as long as its less than $50) , please check their intl shipping prices before making wrong statements just for the sake of arguing, and in before you say that economy shipment from US takes the same or longer than from China, no is not, i repeat, I already did it. :slight_smile:

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I too would like to see YYE carry the MagicYoYo line, but I understand the reasons especially before the Hubstack technology was officially licensed.

I’m going to have to go ahead and disagree with this.


D8= Best Hubstack yoyo to date.

K9 is supposed to be an improvement. I’m officially hyped.

I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve actually played with a K9, but the original 888 is going to be very hard to beat.

A brief review of this k series is already up on BillyBobsRotatingTackle under the page for k9.
Its in Japanese, but for our OP here it should be just fine.
The hubstack caps are too tight to fit in the cavity and often cant rotate freely when picked up in a normal vertical position. Could still work for horizontal fingerspins maybe, but blatantly putting ‘‘king of finger spins’’ on a stacked yoyo is derp ridiculous regardless.
If you have to remove the hubstacks from this K9 to have it play well, lol. And they sure arent the only one who pointed out that this K9 looks like an unfinished prototype rushed out for release.

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Hey, kids, don’t make me come back there…

Keep it congenial, we’re talking about toys here.

p.s. GoCrazyForYoyo, Yoyo please take any further comments to a PM session.


That K9 is pretty wild.

Question: are the K9 hubstacks concave or are they just flat?

They’re concave.

Come to think of it, I think all MYs have concaves.

EDIT: I see you were talking about the hubstacks. I can confirm they are somewhat concave, but not enough to do a fingerspin. Also, the stacks do not spin very freely at all.

I don’t see why so much relevant info was deleted, but I’ll repost it:

The MYY integrated hubstack system is easy to catch, silent until in use, and they do not adversely effect stability.

Mine spin quite freely. I’m not sure if philip got a dud or that could be the difference between a D8 and a K9.

Source: Playing with a D8 for the last 100 days.

Maybe so much of that relevant info was deleted because, being surrounded by so much irrelevant banter it went unnoticed. Just maybe.

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