Magic Yoyo K9 King - Review

Hi, here’s my new review, on the MYY K9:

Great review, lots of detail and just really informative. I’ve been thinking about getting another Magic and I was wondering if you would recommend this one to me. I need a long-sleeping, stable throw and this seems to fit the bill, my only problem is the hubstacks and the Magic company’s infamous quality control :smiley:

Great review! I’m still waiting for mine in the mail! I recently got the K8 though and would highly recommend it, it is an over sized yoyo but I think it might beat out my two n12 yoyos in the way it plays… Maybe you could review that one too?

The K9 plays close to the YYF Shutter in my opinion, it’s very stable and long sleeping. I like it a lot except for grinds, the finish just sticks to naked skin.
I suggest you buy from ebay or amazon to get the best bearing and the glove+5 strings bundle.

I recently finished my K8 review, I’m posting it now.

Thanks for the feedback