New Yoyos!

Wow, Yoyoexpert has come out with three new yoyos today!
The MoMentuM
The H20
and the Buddha King 2!

What do you think about these yoyos? Are you excited about their release at Yoyoexpert? Tell me what you think!! ;D

can you give me a link to the third one

h2o is cool, a bit exspensive but cool. bk2 is a joke, the only reason yyf made more than a few is because you have to have at least 100 made to qualify for the record (please correct me if im wrong ), and the momentum…meh id rather get a mayhem


-The MoMentuM looks like a carbon copy of the MayheM, with stacks. And it’s 30 dollars more? No thanks. The MayheM’s already in my wish list anyway. And with that 30 dollars, I could get me a Ceramic KK. ;D

-The H2O is so expensive. :o

-And the Buddha King 2 looks like it would be an awesome hockey puck. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s pretty much it.

Just add 6 grams to it. When I tried the MayheM then the MomentuM I couldnt notice any difference other than the Z-Stacks. Then Brandon told me it was the MomentuM and I was like “Whaaaaaat?”

Just add 6 grams to it.

6 grams= weight of the bearings and extra plastic.

Have you had the chance to play it? It’s actually not that bad.

the bk2? if the store near ever gets it ill give it a throw but if it doesnt i dont plan or really want to

If you haven’t thrown it yet, why call it a joke? I’m not trying to be mean, but that’s not fair to YYF or the rest of the members.

I would imagine that the requirement of a certain production number is the reason they made so many, but they sure package it well! They include regular and z-stacks, plus the aerodynamic caps. I think YYF is hookin’ the customers up with those additions.

a joke meaning for $130 you can get almost any yoyo you want, why get one that just sleeps? i do agree about not having played it, but im assuming its not that great of a player.

I need a MoMentuM! I’ve tried one and loved it!

the Momentum with a couple adjustments could be magnetically cool.

Yes it does. :smiley:

BK2 is NOT the best for 1A, btw. It’s HEAVY…