Hello World

Just wanted to say hello to everyone here. I’m located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and am fairly new to yoyoing (modern anyway). I just got a Dark Magic II and I’m really enjoying it - I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can and getting to know this community. If there are any throwers in BR/NOLA, feel free to drop me a line on this board.

Welcome aboard, buddy! If you’ve got any questions at all, feel free to ask. We’re always happy to help =)


Welcome! Im sure everyone here would like to lend a helping hand, feel free to ask questions! :wink:

sup, if you have any questions feel free to ask us btw wrong section for the thread

Yeah, I saw the Intro thread almost immediately after I made this post - if the mods/admins need to remove it, I understand. Sorry for cluttering up general.

I think it’s more that it would probably be categorized as “unrelated discussion” even though it is about yoyoing, actually… :wink: Clutter isn’t something we fear too much around here until you post 10 “Which yoyo should I get?” threads in the space of a few days. Then you’ve got some splainin’ to do. :wink:

Welcome to the forums! Have fun!

Hello and welcome to the yoyo community! I have a friend who also lives in Baton Rouge.


Welcome, ask as many questions as you may have, we always have answers. (I hope :o)

Sometimes even lots of conflicting answers. :wink:

I do actually have one question. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately since I got into yoyoing and it seems like yoyos have undergone some drastic changes since the old days of the Duncan Butterfly and other dime-store toys I grew up with (I’m not that old, but still). With so many good brands to chose from, it’s been a little daunting trying to figure out which yoyo is best for me. I ended up siding with a YoyoJam Dark magic II for my first, since most of the reviews I read said it’s a solid yoyo that will take me from beginner through intermediate/advanced play (and it wasn’t $100) - and so far, I’m really very happy with it. But I’m curious to know what this community thinks are some standout yoyos that I should consider when I’m ready to move on to another/upgrade. I see a lot of talk about One Drop, GeneralYo, Caribou Lodge, etc. And most of these companies seem to be making great products, but I don’t have any experience with any of them yet. So, I suppose what I’m getting at is - what are some good options for me to consider if I’m going to stick with yoyoing - and is it too early for me to be thinking about making an investment in a high quality/higher priced yoyo?

(Again, I apologize to the mods if this question/post isn’t in the right place - I’m still getting used to this forum and I promise I’ll try to get my posts in order as soon as possible)

So many good yoyos by so many good brands. We will all have personal preferences so a recommendation will be tricky until you learn what you like in a yoyo.

Too early for an investment? Not if you already know you’re in this for the forseeable future. I’m a big advocate for any new skill in getting high quality equipment that will inspire you, and getting it as early as the investment makes sense (“I’m still not sure about this whole yoyoing thing” maybe not, “Dang it, I’m HOOKED!” probably yes!).

Although not everybody worships them, you’ll find very few people who would totally disagree with CLYW Chief or One Drop Code 2 as wonderful all-arounders. For less money I think the most recommended yoyo I’ve seen is the C3 Capless at $65; it’s a fantastic yoyo.

I believe the majority here has had or still have a dark magic 2. Great choice. You will hear a lot about one drop and clyw. Yes they are great quality throws, but a great yoyo player can throw a cheap yoyofactory whip just as good as any clyw.
I still have my dm2 and only use when trying out new tricks. But, what ever floats your boat. Welcome aboard. Have fun.

Yes, meant to mention that you don’t really “need” anything more than the DM2 (at least not until you want to start learning horizontal play). I still use mine; it’s a good yoyo! I don’t prefer it for grinding (even though Andre is pretty boss at grinds!) but it’s otherwise very capable.

Dark Magic is boss, you’re good to go

Also check out the buy sell trade section of this board you can get amazing deals for the expensive yoyos. instead of dropping the $100+ on a high end yoyo you could find it for $75. Not much its its still something.

Once you get into the higher end stuff there are very very very few ‘bad’ yoyos and it just comes down to personal preference. Some people like bigger heavier throws, some prefer something a little smaller and nimbler. I wouldn’t go dropping huge sums of money until you’ve sort of developed your own style a bit and figure out how you like to play and what sort of tricks you like to do.


i throw a yyf chaotic and it is a very solid yoyo weighted more towards the rim but plays very solid on the string. But from experience you really have to ask a friend or two “hay let me throw that once or twice” or just be very adventurous and say " I might as well buy this" also whenever YYE has their insane deals JUMP ON THEM! you literally just missed all of the pro pack deals, and they are fantastic for diversifying your collection and being able to say, this plays like this or i don’t like that. Another thing i recommend is not just staying with once style try 5a or 4a or whatever you like, you might find a style you are insane at and pick up right away, and being good in other styles helps you in others and vice-versa.

id just like to say welcome, and hope you stick around! Hope you begin to love throwing as much as the rest of us!

Regarding your question, i think you made the perfect choice of thedark magic bein your first yoyo. When you get into more advanced stuff, you might want to consider a onedrop ir clyw as you mentioned but really, the dark magic can do anything a onedrop or clyw can, its just… not as good haha but yea, it really is agreat yoyo for all skill levels, everyone loves it :slight_smile:

So, I took your advice, and I’m practicing like crazy with my DM2, but the other two are constantly tempting me