Who else Rides? (Motorcycle Thread)

Hey all!

Who else rides??

Show em if you got em!

Guess not! :C

Kids can’t afford expensive yoyos AND motorcycles.

I don’t want a pickle, I just wanna ride my motor-cicle…

Haha booo…

Actually a riding buddy of mine picked up yoyoing recently, inspiring my post, lol.

That’s my daily ride, 180 miles a day! 04 GSXR-600


Heres my baby:


Wow that’s sexy. Love the matte. What model is that? Looks brand new!

Thank you!!

The retro vinyl logos throw people off for sure.

Its a '15 Ducati Monster 821. Bought it as a demo bike for a steal (120 miles on it, 60 of which I did myself)

Then I put new pipes, full rexxer ecu, removed lamba sensors and carbon filters, added drag bars. Pazzo levers, new grips, replaced the rubber frame plugs with the red anodized ones, replaced all heat shields with akrapovic carbon fiber, tail tidy, all LED brake and turn signals front and back, and (not pictured) a mini front fairing in full glossy CF.

I did all work myself other than ECU replacement, as I don’t have the bench or software to do so.

After all mods weve got the torque band smoothed out really nice (tuned for road use not track) and up to 80 lb ft. Hp is mid 120’s at wheel.

What it the age limit to get a license

Hey guys…I don’t ride rockets! I like to ride kicked backed more…been riding a 2010 Harley-Davidson Fatboy Highway Hog now for last few years! Love it!

Fatboys are sweet. My first bike was a cruiser (honda shadow) and ive ridden a lot of harleys (my dad has a “few”).

Depends where you live. For me, if you can get a drivers license, you can get a motorcycle license (16). I got my license at 23, probably saved my own life by waiting until after college, lol.

Just got my car permit yesterday. I am going driving in like 10 min.

Paul do you work at One Drop?

Nope, wrong Paul!

Have you met the Paul at one drop he is pretty cool

I did, a long time ago though. Around when one drop first started.

KevinM works at a bike shop and I know he used to ride.

Also, Invader Dust used to ride but I don’t know if he still does.

I personally made a pact with a buddy of mine a long time ago when I was young a foolish not to get a bike. As much as I wanted one, we did to much stupid stuff in cars already, so a bike would not have ended well :smiley:

Yeah, I have lost two friends since taking up riding. I honestly think in the next 20 years it will get safer as cars develop better sensors and automatic driving. Right now its at its peak of danger with all the texting and driving. My dads best friend was killed 2 years ago by a kid snapchatting. That kid is currently in jail (didnt make bail) while facing negligent homicide charges. I only ride in full gear (armor, pads, full helmet, race gloves) and still worry about it. I waited until after college, which I honestly think saved my life, lol.

I’m really sorry for your losses​:frowning:️. I think I’m going to stick to yoyos for a hobby :thinking: