Mountain bikers

Anybody ride? I’m rocking a 2010 Cannondale RZ 120-4. Stock except for upgraded XTR cranks. Can’t wait till summer! I’m gonna give Downhill a try. Nothing better than riding my steed and getting a good throw in when the scenery gets beautiful and I need a break.

Breaks??? There are no breaks in cycling! :slight_smile:

I’ve been a cyclist for a long time. BMX > MTB > Road. The last MTB I had was an On-One 29er but sold it a while back and now I’m left with my Wilier road bike. I’ll be getting another 29er sometime soon or possibly a CX bike.

I wanna see pics when you get your new bike (29er or cyclocross) if you do. I’d kill to be in Cali right now, the trails are gorgeous down there I’ve heard.

My giant talon, I got it this summer. I used to BMX but slowed down after high school when I got my first car(owned 7 so far, still have 3). I love it, it’s a 27.5 and had everything I wanted and stayed in my price range.

I was a dit jumper, i ride a cannondale Chase.

Custom Watson Cycles 650b Steel Hard Tail
Watson Cycles Ti handlebar (30-degree sweep)
Chris King spinney parts
XT drive train
X-Fusion Velvet Fork

And of course the following grumpy old (read: 30 year old) man stuff:
Mechanical disc brakes, 9-speed, Made in USA with USA steel, 135mm rear spacing, non-tapered headtube.

Here is a picture back when she was a show bike (red with gold parts):

Also a 26" old parts single speed mtb.
Also road bike, touring bike, pink w/ hearts spray painted commuter

I love Giant. I was a Giant rider up until I just got this Cannondale. I was literally seconds away from buying a new Stance at $1300 for my first full suspension until I happened upon this cannonade. I’m sad to see my old Giant go now tho.

Dave, that red Watson is sweet. Looks like you have some nice bikes in the background too. Do you ride DH at all?

I ride a santa cruz heckler. Great bike love that thing.

youre not alone, i montain bike too all summer long with my devincy ollie

Intense Uzzi for dh, it’s been upgraded.

Busted the frame on my Marin Mount Vision Pro. Just wore that thing out.

Yeti 27.5 for cc. I tried several 29ers but for some reason I just wanted something that felt more agile. The 27.5 fits my riding style better, a compromise that works for me. Oh…the yeti also has the first drop post I’ve owned. Adjusting the seat on the fly is wickedly awesome!

Man 4 wet dream bikes in a row. Didn’t know we had such serious bikers round these parts. I’m upgrading to a drop post immediately this summer. Also I’m gonna see if 27.5 wheels and tires will fit on my ride. If so I’ll upgrade those at the same time. 29ers are not my style. I Have been rocking one for the last two years and maybe it’s because it’s not a super AM or even trail bike, or simply cuz I’m 5’7 but I prefered the zip of a 26er or 650b.

It’s kind of funny how I used to ride cross country mostly then I found dh. Took a bad fall, busted a helmet in half, my gear saved me and I walked a way. Yeah, stiff and sore but I did walk away! Then it was all dh. I find it odd that when I take a big hit like that, I become so determined and focused, almost obsessive.

I’ve tried many 29ers, my friends all love them and wouldn’t own anything else. I just personally need the agility to make me smile. It might just be that is what I’m most used to. However I do feel more comfortable on the 27.5 than the 29er.

It’s like yoyos the right bike for the right person, preferences and all.

It’s sure easier to cross country and keep up with my friends, that are riding 29ers, when I’m on the 27.5. I still work a bit harder but I can take. (Until I run out of air and fall on my face. :smiley: )

Sounds like you have ample DH opportunity where your at. Whereabouts you ride? I’m from Detroit metro area Michigan so pickins are slim for true DH here.

I’m with you on the pain aspect. Maybe it’s the lifetime wrestler in me, but pain brings me pleasure. I don’t go lookin for it though, I like riding, yoyoing, and working more than pain. Luckily I haven’t broken anything yet. Dang man, broken helmet in 2. I happen to have met a guy last year who told me this happened to him, missed a birm at the bottom of a steep hill and went right into a tree. He was concussed, and lost all memory of the previous two weeks prior. Scary.

Anybody got mile goals for this year?
Trails: 1k
DH mount holly: 1 visit and find another DH course around here.
Road: 3-100 mile rides and 700 total after that

These were my biking goals I set for 2015.

Ski Telluride all winter long 50-70 days yearly, more starting next year and then mountain bike the same, dh and x country the rest of the year. I’m also close to Moab, 90 miles, and the Grand Junction/Fruita trails are only a couple of hours away. You can add the Cortez area, Phils World, to that. Also there are miles and miles of little known and seldom used trails and mining/logging roads in the Uncompahgre Plateau area just about 40 minutes from my door. Wowzers!!! I’m one lucky dude! ;D

MrJack, have you road the novi tree farm trail?

No, I’m out in Romeo. Is it worth the ride? Are you a Michigander homie?!?

And skitrz you are a lucky man. I swim at my local gym in the offseason but have been considering snowboarding.

Yea, I’m from Eastpointe. But the novi tree farm trail was awesome, it’s a lot of elevation changes, man made obstacles, and they had a pump track which I had a lot of fun with. Check it out! I also ride bloomer state park a lot.

Bloomer in Rochester?? If so that’s literally my favorite ride! I love those trails.

Yep! That’s the trail I go to the most!

Dude thats my jam man! So we should definitely hit it up this spring/summer and bust some throw sessions when were done. I’m Bill by the way lol.