I know a few of us here snowboards, kinda want to know whats your favorite part about snowboarding? (mine is falling jk ) Do you like riding the trails or going to the park? What kind of board do you have? How long have you been snowboarding?

I have been riding for a 3-4 years on and off, I like riding the trails and eventually hit up the park towards the end of the day. I usually just try the small jumps and boxes. Maybe this year I will try a bigger jump, but you need a lot of speed!!!

I have been to ski liberty, Whitetail, 7springs, and Wisp.

I just ordered the Forum Destroyer!!! can’t wait to get it and hit up the slopes.

Btw anyone try to yoyo and snowboard?

Also if you any of you guys have any videos of your self please post, I love watching snowboarding videos as I am sure everyone else who snowboards does too.


I have been doing it for about 10 years or more, When I started all snowboards were directional lol. Ive had tons of different types, out of all of em I hate burton the most lol. They used to make $600+ boards that were amazing but they sold out hard. The board I have right now is a Ride DH and its pretty nice. All I like to do is jib, park rails and street handrails. I can do like mistys and rodeos and corks, most rotation I can do every time is 540 both ways, 720’s backside. My fav part of snowboarding even tho I am into the more extreme element of it is carving powder lol. That feeling when you are on top of deep powder and if you stop you will sink. floating above something that cant hold your weight feels so cool lol


Ugh I wish it would snow faster… I love snowboarding and doing terrain parks. I do rails and boxes


man thats awesome… you got any videos? I am not that good yet but hopefully this year I will try one of the kicker ramps. I do like small boxes … i have a hard time going up the J bars LOL i always bust my a** hahahha but I love it … i have a blast every time I go. I wish where I live we had more snow, its mostly man made snow … which is basically Ice lol.

I know I wished it snowed here a lot faster too and stayed snowing!!


Here in Minnesota it’s already snowed the hills are open


My brother likes to snowboard. however I can do a little bit I’m now very good though :stuck_out_tongue: although when we go to western Maryland during this time we like going to wisp, a ski tubing and snowboarding place!


damn wish I lived up there lol

Yeah wisp is awesome, i have been there a bunch of times.

(DOGS) #8

Been snowboarding ten years now I think. Riding a Rome Artifact 153, Arsenal bindings (though I’m picking up a pair of Ride Revolts), and Smith boots (the year before they made the Smith specifically a women’s model hurr hurr), and a Rome Label 145 for handrails since it’s been taking a massive beating like a champ. While I hit up mountains a lot, I ride handrails most of the season just because it’s cheap and easy to do with buddies.

I’m fairly confident in my abilities in the air and on rails; back and front threes clean to iffy sevens. Can ride switch for months at a time, just cause I can. Goofy foot by nature. Technical rail skills. Working on smoothening out my style, which I choose to keep wonky, with lots of direction changes and tip pointing. It’s stupid fun.

Looking forward to riding this season. Can’t stop thinking about it.



I’m goofy foot too, but I can ride switch. I started last year


I ride a bit…not serious at all… Go down a bit every year. My school has a club, every Friday during the winter a bus picks us up and brings us to Whitetail. I’m not good at all…can’t do anything really on terrain park. 50/50s on boxes…sometimes a boardslide…mostly just like hanging out with friends…can’t even do a 180… Only an indie.


My uncle used to be in charge of the Burton snowboard team. Him and a few of my other uncles are actually friends with Shuan White. One X-Games, the crowd held up pictures of my uncle’s face on sticks.


This is a few years old lol we made a small park in my friends back yard, I think this is the only footage of me doing anything lol, Im the one in the sweater


That is a sick video Randysavage, damn wish I had a kicker set up in my backyard or somewhere close. We get no snow down here.

Maybe this year we will.

Pat those look nice man!!