Any skiers or snowboarders?

I love skiing, perhaps even more than I love yoyoing. Any others who share these feelings?

Yess! Love snowboarding!, and i actually went up to lake tahoe in nevada today at the northstar resort. Shredded it up;) although theres not a lot of snow at the moment.

Snowboarder here, but we do it like once a year.

Shredding down the mountain after some fresh powder drops with your poles lightly dragging behind you as you just take in the scenery! There is nothing quite like it. Aside from chilling out on the groomers I spend some time in the trees and about 40% of my time in the park on 2005 Armada T-Halls, Marker esquire bindings, and Solomon freestyle boots.

Been hitting up White Pass Washington at least 14 times every winter for the past two years but this time around I want to make a few more trips then that. Maybe 18 or 19.

I might take a trip soon since they have been getting DUMPED on. Hoping for good snow!

My brother snowboards does that count?


Where’s skirtz?

Taking a break from the madness. :wink:

I can’t blame him. We’re all mad here.

I’ve been skiing for quite a while now

As for snowboarding, whenever I attempt boarding, I usually sustain some sort of injury

i snowboard, and that’s what i planned to do these holidays ONLY IF THERE WAS ANY SNOW!!!

Sk8boarding’s my other passion!

Well…skiing of course silly Dr!

60-80 days a year, bumps, trees, hike to, powder, and of course the occasional groomer.

My day goes something like this:

  1. Get on the first chair.
  2. Ski, ski, ski!
  3. Last chair up, wait for the chair to be turned off, wait for everyone to leave, take in the views, ski down, own the mountain for that run.

Actually, for me, it doesn’t get much better. It would be great if everyone had something as special as skiing is to me. I know yoyoing is that special to many. That’s why being a moderator on YYE is such a pleasure.

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skirtz, you on the ski patrol sweep run, or are you one of those guys they gotta chase down to get off the mountain?

Confirmed taking my first trip up this Thursday with a buddy of mine.

Oye been snowboarding all me life, just got me a ride machete this year. Up in maine we got 10 inchese yesterday and 15 more this friday! making it great!. Althogh i do enjoy riding around, i progress in freestyle.

If you guys wouldn’t mind I’d love to see some pictures or videos!

I’m just getting into snowboarding myself. Kinda bummed it took me this long.

Now to blow a bunch of cash I don’t have on snowboard stuff! Good thing I don’t need to buy any more yoyos anytime soon.

Anybody have any good boot/binding recommendations?

First trip was yesterday. Snow was mainly icy for most of the day but the sun came out to play a bit towards around 2 pm.

Terrain park was not all that grand next year (fix your jumps white pass) but the back country expansion was great with good snow and lots of great trails. Groomers or not it was still fun.

MIGHT post some video later of a few runs I did.

In Texas, the closest thing we have to snowboarding is riding off of the top of your roof on a trash can lid.