Any skiers or snowboarders?

I ski. Ironically I completely hate snow, which sucks given my location.

Same in california. Althoug i do go to new hampshire every year for the snow. My whole family like tubing. What the heck?! I am the only one who prefers snowboarding.

Have you two heard of surfing?

No snow…

Ever hear of Mammoth Mountain, or Squaw Valley?

Taking another full day trip up to White Pass Washington this Saturday!

Going up with a bunch of my friends after a whole week of it dumping up there so here’s hoping for good snow!

Just nabbed about $1k worth of Burton gear for $250 ;D

Time to hit the slopes hard.

Right On LinksLegionaire !!

That sounds like you got yourself a swinging deal especially considering it’s the middle of the Ski/Snowboarding season. You usually have to wait until early spring to grab those types of great prices.

Good Luck with your new found sport. If you react to snowboarding anything like I did, it will quickly become a new and great obsession.

If I may give you a small piece of advice, I would wear some wrist guards so you don’t hurt or break a wrist and not be able to throw your YoYo’s. It would suck not being able to throw or go snowboarding. :’(

Been there,…done that. Do Not recommend it.

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I chuckled. Heartily.

Snowboarder here. We’re going tomorrow at mount hood meadows so shout out the love Oregonians. We’re getting dumped. We’ve had about 2 feet in the past week and tomorrow alone their expecting at least another foot and maybe more. In the valley here were we live its about 40-50 degrees so its kinda funny that it can be like 5 degrees like an hour and a bit away from the valley there when its that warm here.

Mountains seem to make their own weather.

I wanna go boarding! It’s been too long…

That’s some pretty nice stuff you have there!

They are great! K2 Darkstar, K2 Forumla bindings, DC Mtn Lab boots

That’s a pretty sweet board, MB!

If anyone’s looking for some killer goggs at a crazy discount, you can pick some Electric EG2s on eBay for like $65. I just nabbed a pair myself.

I was thinking of making a new thread, but I’ll revive this one. We’ve gotten loads of new people on the forums.

Great timing on the bump…

Mammoth Mountain received about 2 feet of snow yesterday, and I’m digging it.
Spent the last two days carving it up.
I had pretty much written off any new snow this season, but mother nature had other plans.

Snowboarding is one of the kindest gifts that winter brings us. :wink:

Oh stickman, I’m so jealous of you. I just had spring break where my family went skiing. We went to Fernie B.C and the lower half of the mountain was bare. The upper half was okay but nothing like what your having.