Skiing/Snowboarding+Terrain Park= FUNFUNFUN

Anybody like terrain parks? I do! I ski and snowboard, but I’m only good on the park when I’m skiing. What are your favorite parts of it? I like everything, the steps, boxs, rails, elavator jumps, and anything else!

I :heart: boxes and step ups

I like just hitting jumps better. Flying through the air and then hurrying to get your board back under you before you hit the ground. Awesome.

I am also a skiier, I usually just hit jumps and boxes, never tried rails…

i ski. ussualy just jumps and i want to try rails


But truth be told, I’m scared of the terrain parks… I’m afraid I’ll slip off my board/ski, and hit my head…

Pff… terrain parks… I just go into town and find a REAL rail.

But parks are awesome.

I knew it was just a matter of time till you came to this thread…

Anyway Im going snowboarding this weekend. Imma try a front flip. Expect pics of a very messed up face.

please post pics lol this is gonna be funny, i heard it really isnt that hard at all though unless your really not ready to try one.

I’ve done it a few times I’m just not comfortable with it yet. I want to try a back flip too but I don’t have the b***s.

just tried to cut through the woods and shredded my face. darn…

i went thru a glade and hit my face on a tree >:( :frowning: :’(

im a skier, but have never been a big fan of terrain. i did a few jumps last year, and totally ate it on rails, but im much more content bombing down the hill at absurd speeds

I consider front flips to be the easiest hard trick. If that makes sense hahaha. You just gotta actually follow through; it’s not all in your head movement and pop :stuck_out_tongue: .

Went to Wachusett yesterday. Thier park is such a ripoff. Some dumb chick got messed up and sued Wachusett even though there is a liability waiver on BOTH the standard AND park pass. They took out the kickers and boxes at the free park too. A week later, they put in some dumb ribbed pipe that every kid was getting messed up on. I thought the point of the free park was that it was easy so people DIDN’T get messed up… Then they installed a $60,000 card scanner at the top of the real park to make sure nobody tried to get in, and it casued MASSIVE backup on the trail. Nobody should have to wait in a line AFTER the lift :stuck_out_tongue: .

All in all total bull. But I DID land a back 1 switch front flip out on that picnic table between the two mountains :stuck_out_tongue: . So I guess that made it all better…

Goin to Waterville on tuesday to ride a REAL park…

i board, too. I think i’m gonna end the winter with my first rail.

Went to Waterville a while ago to wrap up my season. Thanks go out to Jim (Gizzyo) and family for gifting me the ticket!

I didn’t do terribly great… mostly just switch 3’s, nothing to write home about :stuck_out_tongue:

The real things are ski jumps y’all…

Love everthing you do Big Huds JKJKJKJKJK