So, who’s (Even slightly) into Parkour?

me and my friends used to parkour in high school. we weren’t jumping off buildings and stuff but we’d run from place to place and try all the tricks and stuff.

I do it. I can’t do flips and stuff like that, but I can jump and easier stuff like that.

I use to but then I discovered Xbox live and yoyos

Sounds like me. I recently got into it, so I’m not that great. I need a good place to practice vaults…



I’ve been meaning to attend some parkour workshops but just haven’t had the time lately. Love watching parkour videos on youtube though. Some crazy stuff.


Yeah, definitely crazy. 


I’ve tried it before, but after roaming around a few mile radius of my house, I didn’t find anything at all interesting to try it with. Then other stuff also took over my free time. Like geocaching, cycling, and track.

Saw that video. Stinking amazing.

Anyways, I would be, but my family fears I’ll break all my bones, and I’m not sure where to learn.

I also like watching parkour fails on youtube. Too funny, until you realized how many of those people very well could have severely injured themselves.

Start by learning how to roll and land correctly.  Once you can roll without it hurting I’d (Personally) say you can learn your vaults and stuff.

Okay. I’ll try to find some sort of park or something someday. If I can convince my parents to drive me.

Just practice rolling in your house/backyard. You don’t need a park for parkour.


my bro is epic at parkour.

Just be careful out there, kids. :wink:

That’s why you practice at low heights over grass and work your way up…

Would minecraft parkour count


Seriously? That’s a game…