Anybody Parkour?

I just learned two-step wall flips today, and I literally do one every time I see a wall. Anybody else into flips/parkour?

i don’t but my friend at school does he vaulted himself over a starting gate for an obstacle course just the other day. ;D

Thats awesome! Wall flips are my favorite

I don’t think he can do that but he can definitely climb up the wall of my school easily though.

I wanted to get into parkour, then I saw how frequently and easily my friends who were into it got injured, and I love yoyoing too much to take that risk ;D

you wont get injured if you follow safety precautions. Whenever you see a youtube video of crazy parkour, just remember they train for hours in a padded gym. Ive never gotten hurt in parkour. Yoyoing on the other hand has gotten me some nasty bruises.

They kendama too.



was waiting for a thread like this i do parkour, but mostly do free running and trampoline.

Can you do doubles?

i have done double front flip into a foam at highwire most epic feeling ever. Right now i’m working on a twist flip and for some reason i cant land a back flip. Im mostly stuck to trampoline right now because all the places i would run kicked me out and even had the cops show up once. does anybody watch flow or farang ?

Used to do it back in the day, but I wrecked my arm practicing flips on my trampoline a few years back (dislocated elbow + many breakages) and that was enough for me. 3 operations later and I still don’t have full use of my arm, so there’s no way I’ll be getting back into it.

Shame, it was good fun. Just not worth the risk to me now.

i’ve never broken a bone doing parkour or free-running but i have sprained more ankles then i am old. It’s really unfortunate that you had that experience hopefully it doesn’t bother your throwing ability :wink:

I do!!! I guess I’m pretty good I’m one of the best in the state in my age group(like top ten) I only have one friend who does parkour. I thinks is cool how other people do it on this site.