When yo-yo's attack....

I very nearly smacked myself in the face again this morning while playing yo-yo, which got me thinking, ‘You know, there are some smashing yo-yo videos out there, but I would really like to see some blooper vids’. Purely for comedy’s sake…I couldnt find many on youtube, does anyone have any? I could do with a good laugh…

Or, am I being a complete pudding, and is there a thread already here somewhere, asking the very same question?


Absolute pudding, but here you go.


There are also these threads:

Aye…Pudding I am. But I’m consistent, at least…

Nice one Kei!

Yeah. But I do feel sorry for that kid. And I updated some threads that were about this.

I suppose I do too. But I reckon he has a sense of humour to have shared the vid!

Next time I hurt myself, I shall try to make sure I am being filmed.

Ta for the links!

“Aww dude, I get some much pain from this dude, See what i mean dudeSMACK oh dude what the dude ahh come one dude.!!” wow… just woww

Make a video of you smacking your self!

than let me do a RASENGAN! for the finishing strike.

Oh, not you again…

My personal favorite:

Brandon Jackson, haha.

Well I’m pretty sure i’ve had it the worst :stuck_out_tongue:

I dislocated my knee a year ago while yoyoing. It was out for 4 hours.

I had 6 weeks of physical therapy, I have pain in my knee almost non stop, still walk with a limp, and will probably have pain in it for the rest of my life.

And You probably laughed.

Yes, yes I did. :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahaha. its even funnier when it has happened to you too!

I heard that happened to someone at worlds. That would be painful. I recall that he was attempting some kind of jump.

curse duncan fhz…responsive ones anyway

OUCH to both vids. FHZ are risky little yoyos.

Ooh no…No, Im not laughing…I mean an accidental smack in the face, well, thats just slapstick…But a bad knee for the rest of your life? No, that just makes me go ‘ouch’ and cringe…Mate, I hope you are ok…

Lol. That was a Freehand 1. Filmed in… I’m guessing 2001.