Are there any players who do hyperathletic tricks like backflips?


I’m curious if there are any yoyo players who may come from a gymnastic background and do tricks involving cartwheels or flips or even par cour, I haven’t seen anything like this I think it would destroy the ‘original tricks’ judging category.



Paul Kerbal does some basic stuff.


Just be careful, kids… :wink:


The most I have seen is someone do a backflip on stage in a 2a performance.


ohhhh that made me laugh, that was funny.

anyway I have been working on doing a backflil for forever. I’ve been getting good enough so I can do it on a trampoline, but I haven’t done it on the actual ground yet. I think it would look amazing if I did it with 2a, like Shu Takada.


at 2:00 is the coolest 1a gymnastic move I have seen.


I saw Paul do a wall flip in some yyf vid.


so i just found this]


Well, I do a a hyperathletic sport called Tricking. I would like to incorporate 2A into it but I suck at 2A haha! Maybe I can do a random around the world while I btwist :open_mouth:


Be careful. Trampoline is a cake walk compared to ground.

Only try ground if you’ve done it off of low ledges first. Even doing it on a trampoline without bouncing is a lot easier.


Do a cork which doing figure 8.