Who does freerunning? Anyone..

(Shaneola) #1

I wouldn’t call myself a freerunner…I do flips and whatnot though.

(Kei) #2

Parkour more than freerunning. But I’ve always wanted to do it more. My friend can do gainers and crazy stuff like that. I want to try but haven’t found the time :confused:


One of my friends does parkour but i don’t know if he is serious or not.

(Shaneola) #4

That’s sweet. Yeah man, I’m no pro but I’m fairly proficient at backflips, gainers, and wall flips. Can you flip?

(Shaneola) #5

And what about you?

(Kei) #6

Lol I did a backflip once. Then tried it again and landed on my head. I stuck to jumping over walls and vaulting. I might try it again but I got lots of stuff to do, and im lazy lol.


No i only play baseball(not the most athletic guy out there)


My son does it.

Crazy stuff!

I love it!!!


i do a little


When I was younger, fitter, and had health insurance I did it all the time. I was pretty good too. I could do flat gainers and I’d backflip off anything. Started getting into break dancing a bit but never got too far there… hardest thing I could do was a few flares.


i can vertically run 3 feet up a wall, do standing back flips, gainers are a piece of cake, my best is to dragon flip after wall planting. I’m semi pro. and yes I’m 11. oh I can also jump-from the ground-4 feet

(Shaneola) #12

Hard to believe, videos?


frankly i dont have a camera, ive one contests even money. its epic…


I know my body so well that I can jump from 15 feet and not be sore afterward. I’ve never tried freerunning, but I think I’d be good at it.

(Raphael) #15

I can run, but I won’t do it for free.

But I’ve always wanted to learn, I’m just not much of a physical person.