Does anyone here do freethrowing?


I was wondering, does anyone here do freethrowing? In case you didn’t know, freethrowing is a style of play in which you use the enviroment to do tricks. I’ve been playing with it a bit today, and it’s a lot of fun. If you haven’t tried it, you should.


I have my friends “assist” such as doing a trapeze around the finger or a grind on their arm, but never a tree, pole, etc. Sounds fun though! What types of tricks do you usually do?


Sounds awesome!


I like to do Trapezes with railings and such.


One of my favorites is doing walk the dog on various surfaces such as railings, chairs, etc. There are other things you can do though, and I have a feeling I’ll figure out more as I go on with the style. The whole idea is to innovate and to adapt to your surroundings. Theoretically, every trick done could be different.


i do my stargazer has a brown stripe cuz it went on a railing wrong but totally worth it




its also extremely beat now but its fun for freethrowing


I do it some times when I am bored I landed a trapeze with my brothers foot :stuck_out_tongue:


Not me, but apparently Jensen does.

Look at this awesome grind he does on his car @ 1:05:


I was working on this awesome 5a gyroflop that used a railing a while ago, but I Don’t do 5a enough anymore and never perfected it… :-\


Try walk the dog up a slide


I already tried it. It didn’t work with the slide I used.


heres a fun goddie.

around 2:07


Tried parkour with it. All was going fine until I tried that Somersault while looping XD


I throw my cw’s around clotheslines and the yoyo will just hang there.


Does bouncing it off your little brothers head qualify ??


I’m pretty sure that’s just being ninja…


lol Stringking !!Your right …:slight_smile: