"Shadow Yoyoing"?

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Hey all! So, many of you are well aware that everyone has different methods for practicing tricks, and especially practicing freestyles.
There are quite a few different ways to go about it and different methods work for different humans.

One interesting method that I have seen for a little while now is “shadow yo-yoing”.
I first saw this at worlds 2011 when I noticed some Japanese players practicing outside the contest area, with music in their ears, and doing obvious yoyo motions, but with no yoyo or string. I later saw this same method during live streams of some Japanese regional contest, where players would use the stage, and basically do their entire freestyles during the free stage practice time, with no yoyo or string.
Curiously, I notice that I have never seen this being done by anyone other than numerous Japanese competitors.

So I’m curious, have any of you tried this “shadow yo-yoing” before? And also I ask, why might you think it is that Japanese players use this method, but from what I can see, no other countries players do this?

Interesting is it not?

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I have. When I don’t have my yoyo, I just practice the movements. Or I just use my watch.

When i was camping with scouts i found myself yoyoing whith a rope.

Hmm… Makes me think they “shadow throw” their routines so that their competitors don’t see what they’re actually up against… or so they don’t steal their tricks, or try to come up with last minute better ones.

I do it all the time with looping tricks. I’m still getting myself consistent on basic loops so just the finger motions are good enough for me.

Next level yoyoing right here.


loved it

I will occasionally do this while walking to class and I don’t have a yoyo with me, or just don’t feel like pulling it out in the wind and rain.

visualize the trick within.

I use to yo in front of the mirror but I could only take so much of looking at that guy. He was so ugly! Then I tried shadow yoyoing but my shadow couldn’t take it and ran off too.

So now I just throw in the dark and tell everyone how great I am. :wink: Works out better for everyone.

Seriously, no I haven’t nor do I plan to spend my days looking at my shadow. I see it often enough and it’s just not that interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes I do, untill someone looks at me with a weird look.

I prefer to use my yoyo.

Yeah, shadow yoyoing just doesn’t have the great feel yoyoing has.

Shadow yoyoing is the ultimate if you prefer your yoyos to have a “floaty” feel, though.

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Lol this is actually how I practice in the shower. I do a lot if thinking there and when new combos or tricks come to mind I try to see how they might play out while I’m in there.

If i dont have a yoyo, i might use a keychain with a lanyard attached to it.

I have this “lanyard” type thing with only my car fob on it, so I can quickly unlock and lock my car while leaving it running… I do a slacky kind of yuuki slack type trick with it all the time, kind of fills that urge to yoyo when I can’t cuz I’m working.