Is this legal for freestyles?


I was goofing around with one of my YoYos this afternoon and I made a trick that I don’t know if its legal for competitions.
I could really use this trick for some pizzazz onstage

The trick is called “Hat Grind” and it’s just what it sounds like
I throw a front throw and let it sleep, then I take my hat off and pop the yoyo inside the hat. Then I grind it in the hat for a few seconds, pop it out again, and bind.

Would this be legal at a competition?


I’m pretty sure it is. I’ve seen it before, by I believe Augie Fash in a contest. Definitely go for it!


In AP for sure


You could have a whole AP based around juggling hats and a yoyo! Probably counterweight.


This was very popular to do, and you still see it often. Yes you can do it in a freestyle.

(kclejeune) #6

Yeah. It’s especially popular in 4a I’ve found.


I would certainly think so. Can’t you do pretty much whatever you want?

BTW What contest are you going to do this trick at? I want look it up on YouTube! Unless you are doing it at WYYC…then I can watch it live!


Haha, nice trick. What I do is get it into a plastic whip and drop the yoyo into my hat, and tug the loose string up to bind. Try that! I think you might like it.