Good competition tricks?

I am thinking about competing for the first time this April. I was wondering what tricks are usually good to use for competitions? Any advice?


  1. you can do part of spirit bomb and lead it into something else…
  2. or extreme eli hops to extreme boomerang.
  3. gyro flop and then let go, kinda go into revolutions, you swing it around and catch it like a suicide.
  4. start from a one and a half mount and create cool random tricks and do them fast.
  5. under the leg OR behind the back tricks are cool. also wrap around the neck tricks are cool.
  6. do a trapeze and flip into a basic front mount and flip back into a double on trapeze and back into a basic front mount and back into a trapeze…sounds easy… but do it sideways
  7. if you know split bottom mount tricks, do atomic bomb, seasick and back out into some other tricks.
    Hope this helped :slight_smile:
    Good Luck too!!! :slight_smile:

Try some cool body tricks, whips, slacks, and your combos you made up.

In my opinion, the combos needed for competitions are very unique to the yoyoer. As you get better you develop a style based on the type of tricks you like to do and the type of combos that come most naturally to you. When you really start to excel in freestyle play youll notice every trick can be connected in some way, so the best advice I can give is do the tricks you love to do, and the combos that come most natural and you like the most. I judge good combos based on what I think looks cool and how well they fit with my style of play.

just try do some easy tricks you can do well and then try make a twist on it. make it your own and it wil loock impressive!

do the tricks you know and like prctice them until u can do them blind folded and u will have to do it cause it is very lonly up on stage i just competed for my first time at PNWR it was scary my mind went black dont be like me just remember your tricks and practice practice practice ok thats all i have to say and i hope you do your best

IMO, the best one is the one you can do very well without messing up.

In competition, fail is -1.