Tricks/combos for competitions

Hey, I was just in the Bursa Turkey championships, and turkey yoyo championship prelims so now I’m Bursa’s 2nd top yoyoer and and going to the turkey championship finals… so I have the set I did for the prelims/bursa championships but I want somethings that will look good on stage that I can learn and perfect in about a month’s time… right now I’m working on eli hops and once I get that down I’ll try circular eli hops, I’m also trying to learn black hops… any one else got any suggestions? would just like some good looking tricks and combos for the finals. and I think Augie Fash might be there as a judge or just watching I’m not sure still haven’t heard everything back from Ege Demir.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

master level tricks

yabai tricks

thanks :slight_smile: any one else have any ideas?

You want to make your own combos. The best way to do that is to watch videos for inspiration, and take some of your favorite tricks, mess with them until you find something REALLY cool, and extend it into a longer trick :slight_smile:

Hope I could help.


i think what you really want to do is do the best trick you can do without messin up.

haha alright :slight_smile:

is it me or 1 month is a bit short, specially if you want to integrate new tricks ?

you want tricks that you truly MASTER, and 1 month doesn’t seem enough to master a trick, it’s more than enough to learn, but not to the point where you land it 99% of the time (unless we’re talking trapeze and beginner tricks of course)

I say stick with what you know and try to make a nice and dynamic set out of it, work to be on sync with music etc…

What you should do is a green trtiangle into a fake green triangle. Then convert into a continuing rally of 15 barrelrolls. then to top it off you should do the nunchuck,this trick will take a lot and a lot of practice but it will certainly make u look like an expert!!!

well I’m taking a month to learn tricks and then after that I have a month and a half to put them together to my existing short performance and I already practice that performance every day so I’ll have those down and then I just wanted some showy easier tricks or combos… so yea xP I actually have a total of 2 and a half months. xD

Learn yuuki slack and a few of the harder tricks then dissect the moves in them where you can do like the first slack of yuuki slack into double or nothing then go into one of your existing tricks or something. That’s what I do. I learn harder tricks and use parts of them to make my own combos and what nots. But personal preference I like alot of whips and tech. I think that you can have a trick down in a month pretty well, as long as you feel confident and comfortable bust it. You gotta risk it to get the biscuit man…

This is a pretty cool/easy combo that I learned the last couple days.  By easy, I mostly just mean do-able.  It’s a fun trick!  Good luck, and hope this helps.