Ski Season

(M.DeV1) #1

Ski season is coming up! Who is excited! Discuss your favorite resorts, mountains, skiers, and gear here!


I just got a pair of new skis for my birthday, so I’m psyched to try them.
My favorite resort is Alyeska up here in AK. it’s really the only big mountain resort in this state.
I have skiid at Squaw Valley, Northstar, and MT Rose before when I visited Reno once. Those were awesome places, but I learned up here so I have a connection with my mountain.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #3

You are messin with me buddy! I drive people crazy with my skiing.

I love the the k2 PE from years gone by. On my 6th and last pair for all mountain and park play. They rip the bumps and still hold edge at speed (if you know where to stand on them). Big powder days well it’s time to break out the armada ak jj’s and get down to it! Boots, Tecnica Dragons!

Resorts: Telluride (home base: awesome), Silverton (deeeeep powder), Mary Jane, Steamboat on occasion, Jackson Hole, Alta, Snowbird, Solitude

ski areas: Snowy Range, outside of Laramie WY, Red Lodge Montana, most incredibly friendly ski area I’ve ever experienced and the terrain is awesome.

skitrz= old vanity plate “ski trees”
dyn2ski= new vanity plate


I need to get out west again. For the last decade a friend and I have made at least 2 trips a year to the Vail area…and we do it bum style, 22 hour drive straight through and hit the mountain right as it opens, stay at the absolute cheapest motel, the works. Not sure what the plan is this year.

I’ve been all around Utah, most of the notable Colorado spots, and Montana once. Vail is still the ultimate for me. The back bowls are just heaven.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #5

It took me forever to get through college, almost always dropped out at the end of 1st semester and ski bummed 2nd semester. I had a full ride and everyone was cool with me going to school 1st semester and skiing the second, I was so lucky! After season it was always hike to ski until the chutes would melt out. I skiied some chutes so often in summer that they were getting moguled and the forest service asked me to let them know when I was up lol.


People always think I’m weird for generally preffering groomed to powder or moguls. I certainly do like the latter two on the right days on the right runs…but I’m a speed demon at heart. I just like to blast down a steep run. That sensation of lifting off over gentle elevation changes in the middle of a turn is like a drug to me.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #7

1st run, 1st chair, nobody on the mountain, zoooooom!

My new season pass has been hanging on the wall for 3 months! It’s time to use it!

(M.DeV1) #8

I’m up in Washington hitting up white pass every saturday I can! Rocking Armada T-halls with salomon SPR’s. Can’t wait to get back out on the slopes!