i just officially started.so far,i can go across my drive way.
who else here unicycles.
types of unicycles?
whatever you want to post about unicycles post it here! :slight_smile:

I unicycle!!! I can ride for several miles ( at least thats what ive done so far I could probably get 5-10 if i tried). I have two suns and a KH20 longneck!!! I have got my sidehop up to like a foot. I can ride with one foot and am somewhat good at flatland.

i kind of suck but i try ;D

It’s always good to try:-)

I am looking at getting in to uni-ing. Looking at a Torker LX. Don’t really know what wheel size to go for. help?

the wheel size you want depends on what you want to do when unicycling. For example, if you want an all around uni you should get a 20in. But if you want a mountain unicycle you should get a 26-30 in. And if you want a commuter you should go with a huge one like the 49er. I recommend a 20in to start out with. Good luck! Also try looking on craigslist for unicycles. You can find some
Great deals!

now i can ride down the street with it :smiley:

Mountain unicycling? sounds crazy awesome!

lol my brother has a 5 foot unicycle
Ive tried it, and it was scary

good progress

I figure I’ll go ahead and breath some life into this thread. A couple weeks ago, we were picking up some parts for my brother’s ‘fixie’ at a local cycle shop where I spotted a Uni. The price was high but it caught my interest. Today, I was at a local thrift store to pick up a cheap entertainment center for a TV (for a game room) when I walked by the bikes. Only a couple tricycles, then I spotted a USA-made Schwinn Unicycle. I immediately grabbed it, looked it over and made the purchase…pretty hefty little monster it is, just needed a little cleaning of some rust spots and inflating of the tire and it was good to go. Seat is in excellent condition, no tears, scuffs or crackles. I managed to get it for $28 as it was on sale. It’s a 24-inch which I think I just make it on the sizing (inseam measurement). I also found out that this thing is vintage and there are also reproductions of it with a little bit more of up to date hardware (and probably made overseas, not that its a bad thing).


I’m rock bottom with this and just learned how to mount. Next step is to just get the feel for it, hold onto my bed (it’s a loft bed) and adjacent pinball machine and just move forward and back until I feel comfortable enough to hold on with only 1 side and eventually nothing to hold onto. Briefly letting go, I road 2 feet. It’s a start!

My goal is to be able to ride this while doing yoyo or whip out the diabolo, and just to goof off have fun with it!

Anyone know of any good youtube tutorials? (good as in the quality of Andre’s teachings of yoyoing)

An update on the unicycle: Progress isn’t as fast as I thought but I’m getting a feel for it. I had been sick however so that de-motivated me to ride for about a week.

My best distance was about 20 feet before I felt like I was losing control and gave way. I can average about 10 feet currently. Since we are now finally seeing our first rain for the season (this has been a very dry California winter in the bay area), I’ll be working on idling indoors, got 2 rocks in before having to grab support.

Does anyone know of any unicycle forums?

Sorry to bump this topic. Not sure if there’s any other unicycle riders here who read this thread/care about this thread but I thought I’d go ahead and share my progress, considering that I got my uni at the start of the year and here I am today (ok, well more like last week) as well as what happened after 2 weeks of practice (I was sick the first 2 weeks after I got my uni):
Nasty wipeout - fall on tailbone:

Freemount to riding:

Idling, just got down this past week:

Getting a torker tx giraffe tdy:). (5 ft)

^Was close to getting a Giraffe uni, not sure what brand…same second hand store where I got my Schwinn I guess had one in but someone already got it before I got to it. I did find a Torker TX for $140 which seems to be a reasonable price for a giraffe. Need to get a new saddle for my Schwinn while I’m at it.

Random unicycle clip:

Idling, using YYF Velocity, the perfect unicycle yoyo.

I saw the little warning saying to make sure I want to reply as opposed to starting a new thread but I knew that people would just post a link to this thread. I just got my unicycle yesterday. I can get 4-5 pedal rotations on a good run. I have a purple 20" club.

Welcome to unicycling!
I haven’t ridden mine in a while (maybe about a month or so now) and should get back to riding it. Just keep practicing and those 5 rotations will become a ride down the street! Still using the classic Schwinn 24, really want to try out a 29er!

I wanna try a 36er;D. I know about the whole practice thing. I am already starting to feel more comfortable on the seat.

When I first started, I actually had gotten sick that week. Wanting to still get comfortable with it, I just sat in my room with it, held onto my loft bed and sat for several minutes just going back and forth. A week later when I was feeling better, I finally got the courage to take it outside, hang onto my car, push off and got about 5 rotations. A couple weeks later of practicing 30 minutes a day when I got off work (or until it got dark), I was able to take it down the street.

So basically I got the unicycle on New Year’s Day (great way to start 2012 :slight_smile: ) and by the beginning of February I could ride it partway down my street. By March, I got the courage to free mount it and finally by around Easter, I was able to idle in place…time to whip out a looper yoyo!

I still have more to learn, like riding backwards, turning tighter turns (I can go around the block), and my body still needs to get conditioned to longer rides. You may find that your legs/feet may tire out on you once you start going.