Unicyclers thread


Anyone here do/ride unicycles? I am supposed to get one tomorrow. I also had a question. I have seen a couple of videos on how to ride a unicycle and one said to lean forward and one said to lean back. So I was wondering which you guys suggest. Having barely ever seen a unicycle in real life, I know nothing, so I am totally taking your word for it (that is of course until I have had some experience). So yeah, what do you suggest.


My friend can unicycle very well, I think when ever you start to learn forward you peddle forward, and vise
versa so you won’t fall down. I could be wrong on this though. :-\

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I know a couple of guys who can unicycle better than they can ride a bike. Like they’ll unicycle for a mile or something, and they can use those really tall unicycles.

It’s cool and stuff

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When I learned to ride, I leaned forward and pedaled like crazy! As I got better I became more upright and in control. It’s much better to fall forward, safer too.


The videos I watched also said mixed things about falling. One said to fall back cause it is easier to step off that way, but the other one said to fall forward, not sure why though. I guess it will become clearer as I get more experience. Anyone else ride unicycles?

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It is true that once you have some control it is easier to step off the unicycle backwards. However, when you first start, falling backwards can cause the back of your head to strike the ground as you will not always land on your feet. I suggest a helmet irregardless of what method you choose, as well as biking or leather gloves. I also found it much easier to move forward, much more natural for me, than back.

Good luck.


Cool thanks. So do you still ride? If so, what kind of cycle do you have? I ordered a purple 20" club.


My dad does…