Leaning Yo Yo


I am brand new at this. I just bought my first Yo-Yo - a Aoda Fraxel.
I am now busy learning how to bind return it, and it is taking some work.

I am just having a problem that the yoyo leans to the side, and then starts spinning funny etc

What can I do to avoid this?

Any other tips for me getting started,

Idk that yoyo, is it just unresponsive or did u use another bearing to play responsive at first? Cuz if ur starting out yoyong unresponsive i don’t think thats a good idea cuz u need to learn to get a straight sleeper before anything else and if u can manage that it will be very irritating to have to wind up ur yoyo everytime u fail a bind. Plus ur not comfortable with the yoyo yet so it will feel awkward so i recommend starting with a responsive yoyo.

The Fraxel is a quality, stacked metal from Aoda. I’ve got one and like it a lot. It’s a fine yoyo to learn on. Don’t let anybody tell you different.

If you go to the main Yoyoexpert.com page, you’ll see a section on learning yoyo. Look for the video on bind returns. Or look on YouTube for bind return tutorials.

If the yoyo is crooked and losing spin, you’ll have to work on your throw. Throw harder to make in spin longer. Throw straighter to keep it straight. It takes a little practice, but once you’ve got it down, the fun really begins :slight_smile:

It’s most likely your throw if you throw harder longer it sleeps. If your hand is tilted while You throw the sleeper would be tilted.

I recommend buying a responsive yoyo and learning on that. They are overall easier for beginners to handle and they force you to learn and use proper technique. Once you have the throw and a couple simple tricks down on a responsive yoyo, you can move on to an unresponsive. This is the way I learned and I believe it helped me a lot. Using proper technique makes learning tricks much easier.

Thanks for all the advice…

So what is a good yoyo to start with that is responsive?


I will differ… if you already have an unresponsive yoyo and you know your main goal is to learn tricks in that style, I personally feel you can skip past responsive.

You will HAVE to learn a straight strong throw for either style. Nothing in responsive yoyoing inherently forces this.

One style is not a gateway to the next, in my opinion. They’re both different styles with different sets of tricks, and both require you to continually work on your technique in terms of straight throws, keeping the strings away from the walls, etc.

Since you already have unresponsive, learn to bind and continue on your chosen path. :wink:

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I enjoyed the Henry’s Lizard as a beginner. Another very well recommended yoyo is the Yoyojam Classic.

A good yoyo for the classic type tricks like rock the baby, loop th loop, and walk the dog would be any of these:

A good yoyo for learning string tricks responsively would be the YYF velocity.

And a good yoyo for going to the next level would be the Square Wheels Royale, that yoyo will have you set for learning all unresponsive yoyo tricks.

Hope I helped!

I will agree with Greg here. I learned my simple tricks on responsive but really, the throw is no different from one to the other. It really is all in the wrist. If it tilts o e way, twist your wrist a bit in the opposite way.

Practice practice practice. I know I don’t have as much trick experience in this as most here, but that I am pretty sure of.

Try a yoyofactory velocity, it can be as responsive as you like up to dead unresponsive, and it sleeps just long enough to get the job done.


And Greg, I personally think its best to start unresponsive because at first using a yoyo, doing sleepers, breakaways are very awkward and it makes it harder if you start unresponsive right away, its also awkward when ur first trying to land the yoyo on the string like binding or doing a trapeze, i just think it would be easier to start responsive until he gets comfortable with doing the basics

Thanks a lot guys…

I have managed to get my throw right, so no more leaning, and got my bind working very well… So I think I am on track to start doing tricks.

I’ve managed to get a good sleeper going and have gotten brain twister off very well,

Also managing the breakaway an trapeze…

So I think I’m doing ok now…

Thanks for all the help guys. Really appreciate it.

Very hard to get yoyos here in South Africa. Only one guy to buy from and he has very limited stock…

Anyways… Maybe I’ll import some myself…

Anyways… Thanks again…

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It’s a valid opinion; I just disagree. :wink: I don’t see how an unresponsive yoyo could be MORE awkward for landing a trapeze.

The argument put forward for learning on responsive first is usually the opposite… that the raps on the knuckles and the loss of spin with sloppy technique are good teachers. That the awkwardness of string tricks on responsive is what makes it the right place to start. I disagree with that, too, but that’s the argument put forward more often for learning on responsive.

I agree. Started on a $120 metal. Wouldn’t have changed a thing

You don’t need to start responsive. The beginning learning curve will be slightly larger but just keep working on your throw and bind. You’re doing fine.

I started my friend off on unresponsive and for the first week it seemed like a bad idea but a month later he has made great strides and is where I was at one month in. It is all preference. I just wanted to put that out there…

I stared off unresponsive, as it was stated earlier the beginners learning curve was slightly more, but a week into it i was already moving on from binding to doing tricks. I understand both arguments but for me and my learning style it would of not helped if I stared off responsive. But i suppose that’s all relative. Glad you stuck with it bro. Also glad your throw is better and your binding now. Keep on keepin’ on sir.