is their anybody started with an unresponive yoyo?


like the title said


I know a free people at my Yoyo club that did however it took them forever to. Learn how to bind!


I actually started two of my friends out with unresponsive yoyos. I showed them and helped them learn it at first with a dead yoyo to get the general movement. Then they threw it and after hours of practice got the simplest most generic bind ever down :wink:


I started with an unresponsive. I borrowed my roommates popster and then bought a dv888. I learned how o bind fairly easily and could do it a couple different ways and land trapeze within the first couple days. Now I also yoyoed when I was like 10, but that was 12 years ago. So not sure if that counts. It was with a responsive yoyo and all I could do was forward pass and around the world.


No. I started responsive, then moved to response play.


Starting unresponsive causes you to learn bad habits. Learning the basics on an old fixed axle will give you a leg forward in the long run.


Personally I would rephrase that statement. It may cause you to learn bad habits, it may not. But saying an absolute statement like that when you do not have absolute proof to back it up will easily be debunked.

(SR) #8

I started with an Imperial and Butterfly, then got a Dark Magic. Both responsive and unresponsive.


Learned all my basic tricks and a lot of what I know now on a responsive Freehand. I remember learning trapeze and double or nothing on a Profly.



I always sort of had responsive yoyos as a kid, but when I got my DM2 (first actual yoyo) swapped it for the speed bearing before I even put a string on it, learned to bind within three minutes and have had no problem learning any tricks or any bad habits.


I teach all my friends at school/work with my velocity but if they’re like no I want one like that points to genesis here I hand them my eneme. My friend Luis actually started on an 888 I sold him and now he’s making his way through the Andre series on YouTube. I’m so proud :,) haha


Had a Fireball years and years ago, but when i decided to get back into it i bought an 888x and played it unresponsive from the start. Takes such a short amount of time to learn to bind i have no idea why people would even bother with responsive. Bad habits? lol like what? There’s absolutely no reason to wait to learn how to bind. The sooner you learn the smoother and better you’ll get at it. Seems the worst habit would be learning everything on a responsive throw and then having a tough transition to unresponsive since you’ve never worked on binding.




You may not pick up bad habits per se, but learning tricks on a responsive/fixed axle/transaxle will not only make your tricks on a ball bearing/unresponsive yoyo smoother, but you will also appreciate modern throws much more. With all these crazy things being done to modern yoyos these days, it’s nice to throw a responsive and remember that not too long ago, yoyos always came up when you tugged on them.


Nope… started on a $120 unresponsive skyline. Fairly ez to bind etc.


I started out with my friend’s beat rec rev, but then I got my yyf one. Now here I am a year later with 6 throws and playing horizontally.


I threw responsive for like 3 months, and I’m glad i did.


My friend modded a Yomega Hyperwing to make it unresponsive and gave it to me without telling me it was even unresponsive it took me about 2 days to figure out binding on my own and then I started watching YouTube videos


A few of my friends started responsive, surprisingly they learned how to bind in a day… While it took me a week or two learning how. When I started I thought unresposnsive play wouldn’t be as fun but now I like it a lot! :slight_smile: