Who do you think will win BAC 2012

Give your top 3 choices on who might win the BAC this year!
My opinions -

1A- Yuuki Specer, Augie Fash, Gentr Stein
2A- Joseph Harris, Yoshi Mikamoto,Grant Johnson
3A-Alx Hattori,Kentaro Kimura, IDK
4A-Ben Conde, Bryan Figeroa, IDK
5A-Josh Yee, IDK, IDK

Post your opinions! :slight_smile:

Me for all options ;D

haha, Im gonna try to win Sports Ladder . . . good luck if you compete!


I am doing sound and getting paid in yoyos! FTW!

I wish I had a job like that. :smiley:

Is that a joke or are you really getting paid in yo-yos? haha

3top? Gentry stien yukki Spencer and possibly even tyler

I’m serious.

Well, I’m getting paid too, but some of it is in yoyos!

Hey, I own ALL my own gear with no over-head. I don’t have to make money doing sound. I like being able to offer amazing rates for people I want to work with.

That is awesome.

Whoever will win.