Who do you most want to have the skills of

Guy Wright

I wish I could develop my own skills to the point where some one posts Mitch Kemp in this thread…

jensen kimmit
hiryouki suzuki
and john ando

Tyler Severance of course. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’d be pretty cool to get tyler’s skills.

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tyler severance paul han augie fash and jensen kimmit

Mitch Kemp! That guy is amazing!
I just wish that one day I can actually be good enough to compete. But I do wish I had the 2a skills of Patrick.

LOL ;D (no offence)
BTW Jensen Kimmitt.

P.S.Am I the only person that can spell Jensen Kimmitt right ???

along with guy wright, even though their styles in play are different.

T-Sev is legit-ness, 1A+5A

also; Tyler Rose’s speed + my new slack combos + SEVERE 09 = BEAST ;D

Shinji… then i would be the best yoyoer on the planet and surrounding systems

Hiroyuki Suzuki and Shinji Saito have magical powers. :smiley:

Josh Yee, 'cause he’s got immense skills in every style.

My own.

I’m going to be honest here. I could say Yuuki, Brewster or many other pro’s but I really wish I could yoyo like Brad Moss. He’s actually got his own style. Didn’t copy anyone.

Paul Han 8)

Markus Koh.

That’s for you. Just Tyler Severance for me.

Yoyo related: Mickey
Nonyoyorelated: David Blaine.

David Blaine, true that!