The Apprentice of


if you could be the apprentice of any yoyoer who would it be? i think mark montgomery would be mine his style is pretty fast and he is a chopstick god

(Big Mike) #2

Tomas Bubak, I’d kill for style like his. And he has some of the sweetest arm wraps I’ve ever seen.


Jensen or Yuuki, it’s neck and neck. My first instinct is to say Jensen, but I know Yuuki could teach me some crazy stuff.


Anyone who can be patient enough to work with me.


Takihiro Iizuka or Augie Fash.


Augie or guy wright. Two opposite ends of the style spectrum, one blazing fast, the other slow and smooth. Which extreme I would rather go to I don’t know.

(Jei Cheetah) #7

To be an apprentice of Shingo Kawamura is a dream.


tyler severance or hiroyuki suzuki, since my style is taking after them alot


Guy Wright or Tyler Severance or Zammy Ickler


It would be Zach Smith! :slight_smile:


the brazilian master, Whip.


Josh Yee :stuck_out_tongue:


Jake Bullock, Jon Rob


Bryan Figueroa, or Ben Conde for 4A, since I love Bryan’s 1A approach to offstring. He’s been one of my favs since I bought the original Fiesta and watched his vids.


Well, first I would say Andre Boulay but we are all already his apprentice in a way, but after him I would have to say Jensen Kimmitt


Jensen Kimmitt :smiley:
or Hiroyuki Suzuki.
or both!


Brandon Jackson






1A apprentice to myself

5A apprentice of Takeshi Matsurra

4A apprentice of Zac Rubino

3A apprentice of Patrick Borgerding