if you could have the skills of one yoyoer from every style

If you could have the skills of one yoyoer from every style who would you pick mine would be:
1A: John Ando
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: Rei Iwakura
5A: Miguel Correa

1A. Tyler
2A. Shinji
3A. Kentaro
4A. Tyler
5A. Tyler

None, I want to work my way up to be like the pros, not just “magically” obtain their powers.


Adam Brewster’s Creativity.

That guy can come up with the most awesome moves ever.
I don’t want to be like anyone but to have that creativity would be awesome.

André… I don’t think I would ever want to be better than him… Cause then I would be scared of myself.

1a. Guy Write
2a. Chuck Norris
3a. Kentaro Kimura
4a. Eric Gnu or Tyler Severance
5a. Tyler Severance

But i would much rather work my way up there like shisaki said.

1A Alex Berenguel
2A Shinji
3A Kentaro
4A Narum
5A Miggy

1A: Guy Wright
2A: Grant Johnson? I don’t like 2A, so I dunno
3A: Don’t watch 3A much either, but I like Kentaro Kimura
4A: John Narum, easy
5A: To be honest I really like either…Zach Gormley or Jayyo (whatever your real name is).

Josh Yee.

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1a: Yukki Spencer
2a: ??? Dont really follow this style
3a; Kentaro Kimura eaily
4a: John Narum
5a: Augie Fash, Tyler Severance or Jayyo

1A: Palli.
2A: Patrick Mitchell
3A: Kentaro
4A: Yoshi
5A: Juan Renteria or Baldo Gonzales

1A Guy Wright
2A Shinji Saito
3A Kentaro Kimura
4A John Narum
5A Tyler Severence

1A: Me
2A: Me
3A: Me
4A: Me
5A: Me


1a: Jared Veratti
2a: Yoshi!
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4a: Rei Iwakura
5a: Tyler Severance in contests, but JonRob can make up tricks with such ease, I just met him recently. It’s crazy.

1A: Sid
Justin Weber
Guy Wright

5A: JonRob. That’s it.

1a Guy Wright, Hirouki suzuki for a tie
2a Shinji Saito
3a kentaro
4a I don’t follow this style
5a Miggy

1A: Guy Wright
5A: Tyler Severence

1a. you
2a. you
3a. you
4a. you
5a. you

oh shucks thnx but i’m not that good!!!