If you could obtain the skills of any 1 player...


If you could obtain the skills of any 1 player who would it be?

For me, it’d have to be Josh Yee. Because…

  1. I love his style in 1a


  1. He excels at all 5 styles, which is pretty sick IMO

If it was just 1a it’d be between Michael Nakamura and Magne Saetran for me


Takeshi Matsuura: Both his 1a and 5a skills are insane and innovative


Josh Yee is spectacular. It’s amazing how he can do so well at every style.


Hajime Miura. He’s fantastic at 3a (national champ of japan) and he can do all the other styles better than me except 4a and maybe 1a


Shu Takada. 1a and 2a.


Hands down Charles Haycock, his innovative tricks and slacks are amazing.

(major_seventh) #7

Am I the only one that thinks this idea is creepy XD


I read “the skin”…

Chia…Cause he’s the 2014 world champion


Haha :smiley:


Oh, you mean Hiroyuki.


He can get another world title under his belt if he has a clean routine, but I don’t think he will :stuck_out_tongue:


He was clean in prelims. Only time will tell…


Paul Dang, definitely.


Jensen Kimmit or Ed Haponik.


Andre Boulay, his tricks are always so entertaining and just catches your attention




all the 2a players because i’m not very good at 2a


I’d steal obtain Paul Dang’s job. When I’m sitting there in the office tapping away at my keyboard, it’s depressing to think that on the other side of the world there’s a fellow whose job is to help assemble and test yoyos all day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Skill wise, I’d take Charles Haycock’s magical ability to make the simplest of tricks look stylish.


Does that mean replacing your skills with theirs or just adding them to yours?