Who created these tricks?

Who created these tricks?

Double or Nothing
Plan D
Ladder Escape
And Whut
Spirit bomb
New gyroscopic flop(Whip mount)? Was this also created by DocPop?

lol did Andre create any of these? I just feel that these tricks are soo awesome, and i wanna know who the geniuses who created these are. ;D

André created Plan D and Ladder Escape.

I’m pretty sure Paul Escholar made up Kamikaze.

According to GrawrD, Jeff Longoria created Spirit Bomb.

And I think Trapeze and Double or Nothing are too simple for any one person to have created it.

lol i was expecting that Andre created Ladder Escape, but i had no idea about Plan D! Good job andre, you created AWESOME Tricks!!! ;D

Btw, did andre make ladder escape in between the making of Operation dark magic 1 and 2? Because he didn’t have any ladder escapes in OP DM 1, but he had part of it in OPDM 2 ???

Ahh well i wonder if it was one of those Chinese/Greek/Filipino people who made it.

it’s filipino rsmod, filipino :slight_smile:

lol thats what i wrote ;D and no, i did not just edit it.

Plan D - Andre Boulay
Ladder Escape -Andre Boulay
And Whut - Not sure…
HourGlass - Andre Boulay
Kamikaze - Paul Escolar
Spirit bomb - Jeff Longoria

Jeff is a really cool guy. I’ve hung out with him a few times at CA states and he really doesn’t get enough credit.