Who invented tricks?

My brother is always asking me who invented all the tricks, and I obviosly have no clue.

Anyone know?

If they were inveted by different people, can you make a list if you know them all, I would love that, and so would my brother.

By the way, I mean the tricks on this website

My guess is that Paul Escholar must be behind some of these. Maybe Gary Longoria? Jason Lee, probably. And we can obviously knock out Yuuki Spencer, lol.

Yeah, it makes me think deeply, YAY! all these tricks…who inventd them? ???

Paul Escholar invented lots of tricks. Gary Longoria and Jason Lee made lots of tricks as well. And I guess Dennis McBride invented McBride rollercoaster. André came up with ladder escape and I think hourglass too. Alex Berenguel came up with brent stole/triangle laceration. I guess Hidemassa Semba made Hidemassa hook. Yuuki made Yuuki slack. I think Tomonari Ishiguro made black hops. I’m not a 100 % on this, but I think Ben McPhee made cold fusion or at least had something to do with it.

Addment: I probably missed out on at least half of them.

In the tricks section of GrawrD.com almost all tricks have their creator at the bottom of their respective page.

I’m not really sure what tricks you want, so give me a list and I will try and tell you as many as I know…

I made a thread somewhat like this a long time ago. Not too many answers, but here are some.

How about the simpler tricks like walk the dog and rock the baby?

those tricks were invnted around 1929

I’m not sure about Hourglass, since in the beginning of the tut André says:

“I think it’s named Hour Glass because of the shape it creates.”

“The trick itself can be done pretty much anyway you want it to, I’m just going to show you the way I learned how to do it.”

Also, there’s a section of the YoYoWiki that has a list of trick innovators.

And the Trick Innovator of the year

Though the Wiki doesn’t list many of the tricks created.

is Surprised that Doc Pop hasn’t been mentioned (Gyro Flop and many many others)

Buddha’s Revenge Mick Lunzer

That would actually be Dennis McBride.

Tricks and the creators.
read up!



Woa! Jayyo! Thanks that should help alot of people!

Wow Jayyo, thanks a lot!

That should really help me.

Well, since Jayyo already posted that list out, I just want to give props to Doc Pop!

the community made the tricks.

we all built on each others tricks to get where we are today.

Kind of. The community helps make the basic elements of tricks, but the actual people put them together in unique ways. Good way of putting it though.