Tricks Andre invented


Not sure if i posted this in the right section, but i just wanted to know what tricks, if any, that Andre teaches in his videos that he invented himself. I read that he invented hour glass and ladder escape, i wanted to know if thats true, and if he invented any others.


Hour Glass and ladder escape are true.

He also invented And Whut if I’m not mistaken.

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I believe Gyroscopic Flop is his as well.


Thumb grind and variation of it.

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Nope. Doctor Popular. The one and only.


That was Jason Lee


Not contradicting anyone here, but if he invented “hour glass” why does he say in the video I think it is called hour glass because of the shape here?

It seems like he would say, I named it hour glass because…

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Pretty sure he invented double suicide and grind trough green triangle.


I wondered that same thing


And whuit is jason Lee, Hour Glass is some other guys.

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Plan D, and Ladder Escape I believe.


Plan D for sure, though I question ladder escape.

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He invented ladder escape. He said it himself.


We need andre, the yoyoexpert himself to reply on this thread.

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I mean, it is his birthday. Cut the guy a break :slight_smile:


sorry, i just realize it… ;D


It is always hard to say you ‘invented’ a trick as odds are someone else did something similar messing around at some point, etc.

With that said though I did ‘invent’ and name the following tricks on the site:
Ladder Escape
Hour Glass
Plan D

I was one of the first to be able to pull off more then 10 Gyroscopic Flops in a row but didn’t invent the trick itself - that was Doc Pop.

I popularized thumb grinds but again wasn’t necessarily the ‘first’ person to ever do them on earth. :wink:

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Thank you so much for your input Andre. It’s much appreciated.

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The Admin walks among us!


He sure does! After all he is the admin. ;D