new tricks

are u guys tired of all the old trick like mcbrides roller coaster and pop n fresh y dont they let us no all those signature move like andre bulay bind cause we have to watch ne of his comps for that kind of stuff so yye y dont u give us the really cool stuff

Soooo, how much cooler do you need? :wink:

I didn’t know ladder escape wasn’t cool.

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I still think it’s cool…

I drool every time i see ladder escape.

And pop n’ fresh isn’t a bad trick, either.

if you want “new tricks”, then make them up on your own.

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there are MILLIONS of tuts for amazing yoyo tricks on YouTube, look some up

I think what he is saying is that Andre does such awesome tutorials that he wants some new ones. Hey give YYE credit they put up all those 4a tutorials with Ben Conde. They are just sweet. Thanks

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Why did we necro this?

First off, Andre’s vids are sick, i bet w/out him you probably wouldn’t know how 2 yoyo. and vooper just made a few touturials, they,re in a dif language but the audio isnt that necassary if U ask me its not that hard 2 figure out ;D. check them out at YYJ blog.

go to, he has great tutorials

I learned a whole bunch from these two youtube users, you should check them both out! The one I recommend: RethinkYoYo (just search that on youtube) and the other one: ratysh (also just search them up) Also ReThinkYoYo has his own website just search ReThinkYoYo in google or whatever you would like to search it in! Hope this helped and sorry if it’s confusing at all, I kinda typed it in a hurry!!