who bought the last black/purple hectic?

ok, i was about to get the large bearing half black
half purple hectic, but when i went to click add to
cart, IT WAS OUT OF STOCK!!! now im annoyed, im
gonna get the all black one now, i guess its not
that bad but i would have prefered the black/purple.
has this ever happened to you?

you can still buy it. just buy it and pay for it. once yye gets them back, he’ll send it to you.

yoyofactory doesn’t make yoyos just for players that want a certain color. they make batches of them in colors, then ships them out.

This doesn’t matter. The color of the yoyo will not affect play.

Addment: It says one black/purple in stock on my screen

me to

yeah just buy 1 and once they get back in stock they will send one to you.
Warmest Reguards


ok now im really annoyed because
the first time i ordered the credit card didnt work
so for a while there was no purple/black in stock,
but after i made the order with the all black,
the purple/black was back to 1 in stock because
no one actually bought it(i hope that makes sense)
and i kno that colour doesnt effect play i just liked
the look better