has this ever happened to you?

well i just got my x-vict, which is white,
but i wanted a black one, it arrived 3 days ago
and now they just restocked with black!
and they even have orange now! and now
im really annoyed…
has this ever happened to you?

Yeah, I think I wanted a red/blue hitman last time, but they had no stock, so i settled for a black one instead. Then they came back eventually.


omg egg lol

white is fine!!! if u like it then its kool!!! lol

and no its never happened to me, yet lol

ps. im gonna get a black :smiley:

Well the upside is that white is easy to dye other fun colors, DIY. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you are supposed to dye Metal Rims though.

You can just mask the rims though.

Haha yeah… I hate that.

Patence is a virtue, sometimes it’s worth the wait.

Eh I hate waiting. Lines, mail, etc.

You know, I did say sometimes. But I do hate waiting for a yo-yo to come.

Agreed. Waiting for a yoyo is like waiting for someone to puch a baby in the nose.
It’s brutal.

That’s a little harsh, LOL.

When I first saw this topic, I immediatelly thought of the beggining of this video. Just watch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab5IwgcJRiE&feature=channel_page

Fun aside, back on topic.

Haha, same thing came to my mind.

Anyway, yes, this has happened to me before.

I really wanted a red Dark Magic as my first ever “pro” yo-yo. You know, just to be cool like Andre. Plus, I think red is the best color for the Dark Magic. But at the time, the only colors that were available were white and black. It was hard to choose, but I eventually went for the white one(Ironic, isn’t it? A white Dark Magic :P). And who’d have guessed? A few days later, red ones were in stock! Then a week or so later, the Special YoYoExpert ones were available.

That’s unfortunate.

I know right.

Ueah… Let’s get back on topic now.