black x-convicts!!!

(cheesewhip09) #1

when will the black x-convicts come back in
stock does anyone know? i really want a black one
but theres none in stock!


When Andre gets them. :stuck_out_tongue: Okay, probably a week?

(SR) #3

Restocks on popular YoYoJam yo-yo’s are frequent. Follow YoYoExpert on Twitter to know when things are restocked. If I had to guess a time, probably two weeks. They were last restocked May 23, 2009.


You could just try asking André.

(SR) #5

That would be a good idea, actually.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #6


(cheesewhip09) #7

how do i ask andre?


By Phone:  USA: (413) 374-1457

By Email:

(cheesewhip09) #9



Or send him a PM.

(JonasK) #11

The lime green one is awesome though, so I don’t see the reason in waiting for a duller black.

(SR) #12

Yeah, like I said, I have a lime green, it looks awesome, plays well, but if you want to wait until they get black in stock, more power to you.

(Jamesofyoyo) #13

I have a black X-Convict. It’s awsome, but it realy dosn’t matter what color it is. But if you would like to wait then cool, more power to you. :stuck_out_tongue: (just stole SR’s words ::slight_smile: :o lol)


I only like the black X-Convicts because it reflects pretty cool off of white string, and the caps with “Don’t Get X’d Out.”

Thats cool.

Black yo-yo + white string = Awesomeness! :smiley:

(SR) #15

They are tizight! Excuse my gangster talk.

(Mikey) #16

okay my homie. lol.

(cheesewhip09) #17

if i get the lime green one, wat colour string should i get?

(Mitch) #18

Go with either Orange, Green, or Yellow…

(JonasK) #19

I would say white string. I bought a bulk of purple string and I regret it. Worst contrast ever. But if you really want colored string, I suggest you go for pink, orange, green or yellow. Just remember that the coloring process actually weakens the string, so white string lasts a bit longer. This means that white string is a better contrast while being cheaper and more durable.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #20

Pink looks awesome. :wink: