When will the be a restock on neon yellow kitty string?

I see there is only white left in stock and Im not a fan of white string so does anyone know when YYE will be getting more in stock?

or if there are any other brands of nylon string I could try out?

I would also like to find out. I was gonna buy some for Black Friday but they were out :,( . However , I got some YYE poly string and I like it a lot. So maybe you could try that out

Email contact@yoyoexert.com or contact Kitty String to find out when they are restocking.

Get some white ;D

Probably mid to late January - it is in the cue though!

ok Thanks

I dont like white string

I would get some blueprint.

Blue prints polyester right?

I do like polyester string but right now Im really liking nylon so I think ill just wait for the restock

thanks for the suggestion though

Yep, it’s a poly string. More whippy and thicker than kitty nylon.

really? well that dose sound interesting I might have to try it out after all

They aren’t as “neon” as kitty though. Also, they are slightly shorter.