what colour?

hey im gettin an x-convict but im
not sure what colour, i know it’s personal preference
but i like to get opinios, i’d get the black but theres non
in stock, so should i get lime green, white, or wait for
black to get in stock? oh an wat colour string should i get with that colour?

white looks cool

oh an im gonna take the caps out
so dont count the caps and wat colour string???

I will say black. I have one of black. Fabolus! One of the caps says Don’t Get X’d Out, and the other has the Vict. Very cool. White string to reflect the color.

Black + white string.


Black x-convicts are definitely the best looking ones iv’e seen.

White looks awesome ;D


white with lime green strings looks cool

I would suggest to wait for black. I’m not sure when another black run will come, but if you like black go with it! Your gonna have to be stuck with it for a while any way. If you don’t want to wait to buy one new, you can check the BST’s to see if someone is selling a used one.

As for string, any color will go with black. I like orange, yellow, and green the best, because they’re the brightest.

lime green looks best to me
or white, either or

I have lime green, it looks cool… really cool. But black is cool, and if that’s what you want, wait for it. Restocks are often.

i dont know

If you don’t know, don’t post. It doesn’t really help anything.

Also, are you by any chance related to andrewyoyo on YoYoNation…

no who is he