yoyofactory superstar - black with gold splash

Hey all,

I’m new here…

I’m was looking for a yoyo and got really exited when I found Yoyofactory’s Superstar.
the thing is that I can’t find the color I liked (black with gold splash) anywhere:

I’ve seen every other color in this site…

Does anyone know where can I find it?

Welcome to the forums! I’m sorry we can’t find it, that color are sold out.

Happy Throwing! =]

BST buddy… Just make a post saying your looking for one… There are also tons of other yoyo forums you can ask around at… Im sure somebody is willing to sell/trade their Black/Gold super star

10x you two :slight_smile:

the thing is that since i’m from israel, i believe that it won’t be very simple to trade yoyos with anyone…

now I need to decide whether i should by the green one with gold splash (which is also nice…) or wait for more black ones to be in stock…
how long does these things usually take?

Just curious, how new are you to yoyoing?

I dont think they will… These are special runs for John Ando so if they make more they will probably be new colors

oh… then I hope the next colors they will make will look as cool as the one I wanted.

Good luck!