Who are you yoyo idols?


For me it would probably be Gentry Stein, Harold Owens, hiroyuki Suzuki, Brandon Vu, Ann Connolly, and Andre Boulay. Who are yours?


Gentry stein.
Y’know, because of his hair.


Yeah. Gotta have the hair. (That’s why he won worlds) :smile:


Andre or gentry. I have a signed trading card of andre


Aaron Davis, Chuck, Zach, and Ricardo is were it’s at!

(Nova) #6

First and foremost, John Narum. He was my youth group leader during confirmation. He’s a really down to earth and great guy. His words helped me through middle school (and we all know middle schoolers need it). Not to mention he has some crazy offstring skills!

Also, Guy Wright is a beast. His videos on Vimeo have seen countless replays at my hands. He also introduced me to one of my favorite bands in his video Candy Cigarettes back when it came out.

Lastly (just so I have a couple of new-school players), Chuck Haycock and Riccardo Fraolini. Why? Because they are yoyo wizards, that’s why.


Ben condes style with
Bryan figueroas demeanour
Combined with doctor populars flavour

Also I wish my tricks looked like Janos’ and grant Johnson’s: their tricks look like they are casting a spell with yoyo slack

Special mention to Ricardo fraolinni, he’s strange because he is seldom seen besides his Instagram tricks


Jensen Kimmit is my idol.


I never liked the word “idol.” Something about it just doesn’t seem right to me. But, everyone knows who’s my favorite. Andre Boulay, of course, I agree with some of you.

His tricks are always picture perfect and rhythmic. Plus, he’s been great at everything he does, the store, as a teacher, designing his yo-yos, organizing contests, judging, and the list goes on. Oh, I almost forgot, and what a super nice guy too.


Not idols, but I admire (in no particular order) Andre, Steve Brown, Hans VDE, Higby.


Yeah. There are some styles of players that I like better than
Others. I’m not as fond of the “slow hands 2 inches apart spider web string combo” styles. Like janos’ tricks. I like the fast and perfectly in time to the music tricks. Like gentry’s.


I don’t idol them, but I do absolutely love their style and tricks.

Jason Lee, Ricardo Fraoulini (prolly butchered his last name), Jensen Kimmit, Anthony Rojas, Guy Wright, Markmont, Paul Dang, Samm Scott, Petr Kavka to name a few of my favorites.


Hiroyuki Suzuki is my favorite player, not really my idol though.


Andre Boulay, Mike Montgomery, Mark Montgomery, Jensen Kimmitt, Hiroyiuki Suzuki, Brandon Vu, Josh Yee, and Rei Iwakura

(Yiyang Wang) #15



Ladies and gentleman the next American Yoyo Idol is…


I don’t have idols. I don’t worship people.


Palli, Charles haycock, jenson, augie, Harold Owens, Janos i love all the rejections, and Andre I’ve watched all his videos haha


I wouldn’t say idol, but I can’t think of a better word so…
Takeshi Matsuura and Hajime Miura.


Ok not idols but big inspiration (in no particular order):
Ed Haponik, Drew, Janos, Steve Brown, Jensen, Chuck, Zach, Ryan Gee, Petr Kavka, Ricardo, Takatsu Tsukasa, Joshua Yee, Zammy, Anthony Rojas, Higby, … list goes on

({RTD} alecto) #20

not idols but are definitely my favorite: Vilmos Kiss, Ryan Gee, Riccardo , Andre Boulay, Quentin Godet, Paul Dang. there are some others but no one knows their names.