Who are the cool kids nowadays?

Hello everyone! I used to yoyo all the time but stopped about 5 years. I’m coming back into the community although I’m starting to realize things aren’t the same as they used to be. I started around the era when Jensen Kimmit, Charles Haycock, Zach Gormley, Tessa Piccillo and Grant Johnson, etc. were the rave. Who are the cool kids on the block these days? Up and coming brands or brands that have shown up within the past couple years that have been killing it? Which yoyoers are part of the rising generation with new style? Fill me in. Thanks.


As someone who also left for about 6 years and came back almost 2 years ago. I follow a lot of throwers on Instagram so I don’t really know who the “It” players are, but as far as brands go SF is a really solid brand that was new to me. Other brands I like that were new to me when coming back are 2sick, gsquared(one of my favorites actually), the good life, topyo, and last but definitely not least, A-RT. A-RT( pronounced art, not ayartee, like you’ll hear sometimes) is a brand started by Jensen and Charles. They have made some really excellent organics, all of them are different and similar in some ways. I have heard that they are all based on the CLYW Canvas. They are really exclusive and have only ever done small releases. But if you like organics at all, I highly recommend You try to find an A-RT Grail. It’s awesome.


Jensen and Charles run A-RT now, and Jensen still uploads clips fairly regularly.
Tessa is still active. I feel like I saw a post last year from Zach Gormley saying he wanted to get back into it, though not sure that ever happened.
Some current popular players: Gentry Stein, Keiran Cooper, Colin Beckford, Remy Baskin, Betty Gallegos, Chandler Steele, Michael Kurti, Hajime Miura, Paul Kerbel, Yuki Nishisako, Nate Dailey, Patrick Canny, Connor Seals, Alex Hattori, Rei Iwakura, Paul Harness, and so many more that I can’t think of right now


There’s some great up and coming brands run by guys on the forum:

Mk1 Yoyos


G Squared Yoyos

Retic Yoyos (Aka Reticulated Return Tops)

2Sick Yoyos

These are all my favorite brands, along with YYR and OD.


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Cool yoyoers you gotta follow:
Definitely Jakub Plader who’s one of the craziest 1a original players I’ve ever seen.

Also Luna who’s been blowing all of our minds with her crazy alternate styles lately


my favorites on Instagram to watch are
Tsukasa takatsu: repeater master
Luke Reinert: funnest tricks to watch imo

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We can’t forget Pewdiepie…though I think he fizzled from the scene rather quick.


Thanks so much everyone for your input! :slight_smile:

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