New here.

I’ve been out of the game for awhile, some of you may know me from other sites, so hey, what’s up.

Chillin. You?

Same here bud. So, whats new on the block these days? I’ve been out for like 2 years, I’ve noticed a lot of new companies.

Everything is new. Probably everything you saw then is not here now, Peaks, Eetsits, etc… Peaks are extremely in demand and Anti-Yo is not so much.

Lots of new innovative throwers. Check out Eric Koloski’s Diamondback video on YouTube. Obviously he’s not a new thrower but it may be the sickest video I’ve seen…

Good stuff man, I remember him getting picked up by YYJ, thanks for the info!

Well hiroyuki suzuki has his own company now and won worlds AGAIN in 2012! Plus dan dietz left onedrop, jensen kimmit is back with CLYW, Zack gormley won Nationals 2012, And to make it short Vs. newton yoyos are a thing of the past.

Hi, snaggle… :wink: